Covington man remains missing


COVINGTON — A Covington man has been missing for over a month now, and the Covington Police Department is continuing to search for him.

David Fugate, 48, of Covington, has been missing since Feb. 29. He is 5-foot-10, is 215 pounds, has grayish-black hair, has brown eyes, and wears glasses.

“The search is still active,” Chief of Police Lee Harmon of the Covington Police Department said on Monday. Harmon said his department continues to work on this case daily and is working with detectives with the Miami County Sheriff’s Office.

“We have followed up on a lot of leads,” Harmon said. He said they have also searched some local properties, with permission from the property owners, to no avail.

The department is continuing to stay in touch with the family and welcomes new tips.

“If anybody does have any other tips or ideas, we encourage them to contact us,” Harmon said. “We’ve looked about everywhere we can reasonably look.”

The department has entered Fugate into a national missing person database with the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). They have not yet reached out to a federal agency like the FBI for assistance, but Harmon said they do not have evidence that a crime was committed against Fugate for them to reach out to a federal agency for their resources.

“We don’t have any evidence of a crime that’s been committed against him,” Harmon said. “It’s still very possible he’s left on his own.”

According to Fugate’s missing poster, Fugate had “been under extreme stress after the loss of his wife,” who passed away a couple days prior to Fugate’s disappearance. Fugate is also believed to have left his home on foot on or around Feb. 29 as both of his vehicles are accounted for, according to previous reports. Fugate was last seen wearing a jean jacket when he left home. He also reportedly left his phone and wedding ring at home at the time of his disappearance.

Anyone with information on Fugate’s location or who has possibly seen Fugate is asked to contact the Covington Police Department at (937) 473-2102 or call 9-1-1.


Fugate, 48, has been missing since Feb. 29

By Sam Wildow

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