Gov. DeWine is mighty fine


Gov. Mike DeWine and sidekick, Ohio Department of Health director Amy Acton, have reached Batman and Robin status for jumping into the quarantine-mobile to save Ohioans. POW! “Take that coronavirus.” ZAP! “Take that pandemic!” THUNK! “Don’t call us alarmists.” OUCH-ETH! “Girl Wonder, order more medical masks. And toilet paper.”

Maybe, I’ll UPS a few rolls of TP to the governor’s mansion (I mean the Batcave). Maybe not — he would have to quarantine it for 14 days. ZOWIE!

The Wine with DeWine movement on social media gives Mike a thumbs up every afternoon at 2 p.m. during his press conferences. Alcohol and apocalypse go together quite nicely for wine aficionados. Hooray for Chardonnay. Go for #WineWithDeWine. A round of applause and a cheese and cracker platter for Ohio’s leaders during the pandemic — take-out only.

Mr. Sprague (Treasurer of Ohio), please order Batman coffee mugs for the administration — only for 10 people or less. And a new scarlet and gray cape for Mike. Add green Robin superhero boots for Amy. Holy accessorizing!

But seriously, Gov. DeWine deserves kudos for his strong governance during the coronavirus crisis.

• Praise for DeWine within Ohio

“There’s a reason DeWine has become a fixture in the network news’ rightful obsession with the virus. It’s because he has shown a willingness to abandon any political considerations and act solely in the best interest of 11.7 million Ohioans,” declares journalist Brent Larkin at

A recent Great Lakes poll reports that 80 percent of Ohioans approve of the job Gov. Mike DeWine is doing during the coronavirus pandemic. The Great Lakes Poll was conducted by Ohio’s Baldwin Wallace University in partnership with Ohio Northern University and Michigan’s Oakland University.

“One of the storylines defining this era will be how certain leaders emerged to guide our response, and Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine is demonstrating on a daily basis why he will be hailed as one of those leaders. … Other states and the nation’s chief executive would be wise to follow his lead…In historic times like this, we are grateful for leaders who are willing to make difficult decisions with little precedent to follow. Thank you, Gov. DeWine, for acting with courage,”proclaims a 2020 article in the Columbus Dispatch.

Leading business organizations across Ohio have praised Governor DeWine’s recent actions to curb the spread of coronavirus. Read more at

• Praise for DeWine outside of Ohio

Ohio Governor, an Early Lone Wolf on Virus, Wins Wide Praise – is a headline from The New York Times.“At age 73, DeWine is familiar to Ohioans, though he has been little known on the national stage. He has been elected to almost every office along the way to the governor’s seat, including the U.S. Senate.”

• Go Batman — Go DeWine

While Batman fights his enemies, Joker, Clayface, Hugo Strange, Hush, Mad Hatter, Mr. Freeze, Two-Face, to name but a few—Gov. DeWine fights COVID-19. Mike is our Caped Crusader; league leader of coronavirus villain flattening. SPLATT!

“The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming.” — Batman

Ohioans, send some appreciation to Gov. Mike DeWine and Dr. Acton.

By Melissa Martin

Reach:Melissa Martin, Ph.D, is an author, columnist, educator, and therapist. She lives in Scioto County. Contact her at [email protected].

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