Creating demand!


By Kathy Henne

Contributing columnist

You hear it everywhere, “It’s a buyer’s market” or “It’s a seller’s market.” Homeowners in many parts of the country haven’t had to wait long for offers, but the great times of record low interest rates has come to an end. Some areas of the country have had to worry about their real estate bubble bursting. Our local real estate market has experienced steady increases in value, so we have little worry of a bursting bubble.

When you’re ready to sell your home, take a smart approach. You cannot control the laws of supply and demand, but you can control whether or not your home sells. Two of the biggest factors you need to work on, are pricing the property correctly and getting buyers inside your door.

The best opportunity to sell your home is immediately after it enters the market. Pricing your home too high at the start will result in few offers and buyers wondering what’s wrong with your property because it sits on the market. Serious and qualified buyers jump on brand new listings, and if you wait too long to reduce your price down to the fair market value, it will simply be too late to attract those buyers. Worse, you’ll only generate interest again if you reduce your home to below fair market value.

Once you get the price right, the next challenge is getting those buyers inside your home. Create great curb appeal by mowing the grass often, cleaning the windows, planting colorful flowers, and making your home feel inviting. If your best features are inside or out back, ask your agent to provide lots of photos and even a virtual tour online. Lure them with a realistic price and wow them with the great value of a well maintained home. It’s the solution for any market.

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