Dismay over recent campaign flyer


To the editor:

I read with disappointment and dismay Mayor Robin Oda’s recent campaign flyer. The flyer did not did not present her vision for Troy, her position on issues or accomplishments as mayor. Instead it labeled her opponent, Mr. Lutz, a Democrat. I am offended by this stance. Does she believe this is the way to present herself as the superior candidate? What Mrs Oda’s flyer says to me is that she does not consider the interests of all the residents of Troy.

I believe anyone in a position of power, be it President, Representative or Mayor has a duty to serve all constituents, regardless of party. I am a resident of Troy and a registered Democrat. Mrs Oda has displayed her disregard for me, other Democrats and, possibly, Independents.

As a resident of Troy, I vote in local elections. I have the right to ask for a Republican ballot in order to exercise my rights and vote in primaries. My vote will not be going to Mrs. Oda. I want a mayor who will represent us all.

Cinsi Baltzer


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