Do the right thing


By Kathy Henne

Contributing columnist

You’ve decided to sell your home, but aren’t sure how. You’ve seen so many ads offering virtual tours on the Internet. You’ve heard predictions that the “Fed” may keep raising interest rates. How can you be sure you do it right?

Regardless of how strong or weak the real estate market, there are really only four factors that affect home sales. They are:price, terms, condition, and marketing. You’re in charge of the first three. Provided you do them “right,” your real estate agent’s marketing activities should quickly attract a qualified buyer.

First, set an asking price that mirrors what buyers are currently paying for homes like yours. Your agent can provide the historical figures needed to make an informed decision. Pricing your home higher than the market is not considered doing it right.

Terms include anything from giving possession a little early to helping the buyer with their downpayment and closing costs. Take a close look at the terms offered by other sellers, then match or better them.

Buyers will measure the value offered by your home against the asking price. When your home is in great condition and glows with the pride of ownership, buyers are likely to make you a good offer. Offer your home in less than showroom condition and low offers are likely to be your reward. Yes, it’s that simple.

Do the right thing. Ask your agent what it will take to make your sale a success – then follow that advice.

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