Dog license fees to increase at year-end


TROY – Dog licenses and kennel registrations will increase in December 2023.

Miami County Commissioners approved the change during their meeting on Thursday, Feb. 16.

The one-year license fee will be $18 per dog with the three-year dog license fee increasing to $54 per dog. A permanent dog license fee will be $180. The kennel fee will be $90 per kennel.

The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine will receive 10 cents for each one-year dog license from Miami County with 30 cents per three-year dog license and $1 per each permanent dog license.

According to the resolution, the fees increased “due to the rising costs in maintaining the shelter, the addition of two part-time kennel attendants, as well as for necessary capital improvements/purchases.”

They also approved the acceptance of a $16,195 grant awarded by the Bureau of Infectious Diseases, TB & HAI/AR Program for the Department of Health. The grant money is to be used to screen individuals two years of age and older for potential TB infection through an interferon-gamma release assay (IGRA) test for individuals utilizing the Uniting for Ukraine. According to the resolution, Uniting for Ukraine allows Ukrainians impacted by Russia’s invasion safe passage to the United States.

A representative from the Miami County Department of Health informed the commissioners that they have helped some individuals from Ukraine in testing, but they don’t have an accurate number of Ukrainians in the area.

Following the meeting, the commissioners participated in a bid opening for the Troy-Urbana Road Resurfacing Project. Only one bid was received by John R. Jurgensen Company of Springfield in the amount of $1,332,541.63.

The commissioners also approved the following resolutions:

• Purchase of 30 Axis megapixel outdoor 4K cameras to replace cameras for a cost of $27,895;

• Purchase of office furniture for the new Miami County Commerce Center for a cost of $21,074.41;

• Submission of a grant application to the Miami County Foundation requesting $3,360 for the Miami County Animal Shelter;

• An agreement between Miami County Municipal Court and West Publishing Corporation for access to the Westlaw PRO Libraries for a cost of $7,865.52 with a 5% increase each year for a term of three years;

• Sale of property from the Miami County Engineering Office and the Sanitary Engineering Office through GovDeals;

• Transferring a liquor permit from River Rock Bar & Grille to 31 Tequila Bar & Grill;

• Setting a hearing date for the 2023 Community Development Block Grant Small Cities Program as March 7 at 9:05 a.m.;

• Appointing Sara Welty as the assistant director for the Miami County Department of Job and Family Services.

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