Former Piqua resident publishes fifth book


PIQUA — Former Piqua resident, Gary Wheeler, recently published his fifth book, a standalone titled, “Unseen Warfare.”

The work is a fictional book that sheds light on the underlying causes of the current circumstances in our world, the “unseen battle between good and evil,” said Wheeler.

According to him, “we are approaching the end times when evil seems to prevail.”

Wheeler was inspired to write this book after watching the news and listening to his congregation talk about world events.

“I got to thinking about why these things were happening and I started writing in the end of October 2021,” said Wheeler.

He has written four other books in two series. The first series is “Words of Jesus” and includes “Hanging On In An Upside Down World: How Jesus Takes You From Your Worst To Your Best” and “Living Right Side Up: Jesus’ Guidelines For A New Life.”

The other series is “The Messengers” and includes “The Messengers: Advent” and “The Messengers: Bridges.” This series follows character Jacob Rush through various chapters of his life and how each event changes his life and his perspective.

Wheeler is in the process of writing and editing his sixth and seventh books. The sixth book will be a part of “The Messenger” series while the seventh book will also be a standalone.

Wheeler is a 1979 graduate of Piqua High School and son of Jim and Beverly Wheeler. He married Julie Devers, daughter of Glenn and Carol Devers, who passed away in 2000.

Currently, Wheeler works as the pastor to Germantown Methodist Church where he resides with his wife, Myra. They have four sons. Wheeler began his writing career after some congregation members commented on his sermons. From that, he decided to sit down and write. Wheeler said he sets a goal of 3,500 words a week or 500 words a day.

“There’s a sense of accomplishment with each book. I’d never thought I’d be an author,” said Wheeler when asked about how it feels to be a published author.

To inspiring authors, Wheeler says, “You have a story to tell. You’ve been given an opportunity to help people through their fears and obstacles from someone who has been through it. My books do that. They let the reader know that God has a plan for everyone and there’s a way out.”

Wheeler’s books can be purchased on Amazon. For more information on his books or the author himself, visit his website at

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