Foundation Steel LLC wins National Building of the Year award for work on APAC


TROY — The Arbogast Performing Arts Center (APAC) is thrilled to receive national recognition as the 2022 Building of the Year from the Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association (MBCEA). This year’s conference was held in Tucson, Arizona, on April 27, 2023

While the MBCEA recognized seven building projects in its Building of the Year awards, the top honor, National Building of the Year, was awarded to Foundation Steel LLC from Swanton for its involvement in the construction of the Arbogast Performing Arts Center in Troy. Foundation Steel served as the building erector of this 39,000-square-foot performing arts center. The steel itself was supplied by Butler Manufacturing from Kansas City, Missouri, and Brentwood Builders Inc. out of Cedarville served as the construction manager for this beautiful building.

“I wish I could describe what it felt like to be in the room when the Arbogast Performing Arts Center was named the 2022 National Building of the Year,” said Chad Coe, vice president of business development for Brentwood Builders Inc, in a press release. “What a great honor for the Arbogast family and for the team of designers and contractors involved in this project. Dave and Linda Arbogast presented a great vision for the building design and Mike Twiss of MT Studios made it happen architecturally. As the construction managers of the project, Brentwood Builders could not be more thrilled with the team of contractors who participated in fulfilling the Arbogast’s dream. Thank you to Foundation Steel LLC for submitting the APAC for the award. The Arbogast Performing Arts Center will serve as a master showpiece for the arts for years to come.”

This award-winning project was funded through capital campaigns, with the Arbogast family providing $2 million of the funds, along with $1 million from Premier Health’s Upper Valley Medical Center. Other major donors include Emerson Climate Technologies, Hobart Brothers/Illinois Tool Works Inc. and The Troy Foundation.

“We are honored that the Arbogast Performing Arts Center has received national recognition for this incredible building,” said Dave Arbogast, APAC chairman of the board, in the release. “The team that worked together in the construction of this center comprised some of the most talented and creative people with whom I have ever worked. We are grateful for this exceptional building in Troy and for the positive impact it will have for the upper Miami Valley region for generations to come.”

Building of the Year entries are judged by an outside panel of judges based on aesthetics, unusual or interesting features, quality, complexity and green building elements.

The enduring impact that the Arbogast Performing Arts Center will bring to the Greater Miami Valley community and its residents will be felt in the educational opportunities, new forms of creative expression, positive economic benefits and enhanced community pride it offers.

Brentwood Builders will visit the APAC on Wednesday, Oct. 19, at 11 a.m. to present this prestigious award and recognize the contributions and combined efforts of each of these industry leaders that resulted in the erection of this stunning performing arts center in Troy.

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