Give them what they want


You’re preparing to sell your home, and you’ve taken all the right steps. You’ve contacted an experienced, local agent to represent you and to market your home, had your home inspection performed, taken care of needed repairs, cleaned up the yard, and given your home the “white glove” treatment. How else can you attract buyers and a great offer?

What buyers want when they purchase a home is peace of mind. With a policy called a home warranty, you can help the buyer with peace of mind. A home warranty is particularly attractive to prospective buyers if your home is older or if your major appliances or HVAC systems have long passed their younger days.

These warranties cost just a few hundred dollars, and cover the cost of repairs to or replacements for the appliances and systems in your home. Imagine the confidence this will inspire in buyers, who will understand that they won’t have unplanned repair expenses after their purchase. A blown heat pump or leaking dishwasher are covered by most home warranties. There is usually a deductible on home warranty policies.

Of course, a home warranty is a valuable policy regardless of whether you’re selling or buying, and experience shows that many buyers choose to renew their coverage after the initial coverage expires. When it comes to homeownership, peach of mind is like money in the bank!

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