Hayner is a great value for your tax dollars


To the Editor:

What is the best value for your tax dollars right here in Miami county?

According to Miami County Auditor, the estimated annual cost to the taxpayer of a home valued at $125,000, it is $26.86. For this you and your neighbors may enjoy a variety of year-round quality concerts to please every musical taste and age group without an admission cost. For many of the performers, when playing elsewhere, this would be less than the cost of a single ticket. The wildly popular Troy, Ohio PorchFest is organized by Hayner. The downtown summer music series is partially funded by Hayner.

The Hayner is a busy place. Citizens can view art and historical exhibits. Other child and family activities include the annual holiday weekend and Boo Bash to name two. Numerous meetings, classes, free films, summer art day camps take place here.

Since its opening in 1976, citizens have supported this active city treasure. Over one million visitors have enjoyed it. Vote yes for Hayner on May 4. It is the only one of its kind in Ohio.

— Carole Kerber


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