Hayner is unique asset that needs your support


To the Editor:

Troy, Ohio is a great place to live, work and raise a family! Please help to keep it that way by voting “Yes” for The Troy-Hayner Cultural Center renewal levy.

Part of what makes Troy such a special place is the unique community assets we all enjoy, and which are too numerous to list in this letter. However, the most unique of those community assets is certainly The Troy-Hayner Cultural Center.

In 1942, Mary Jane Hayner left her family mansion to the care of the Troy Board of Education. In 1976, after housing the public library for many years, the Hayner mansion became The Troy-Hayner Cultural Center. Since that time, The Troy-Hayner Cultural Center has: welcomed almost 1.3 million visitors; presented more than 3,400 events and exhibits; offered more than 2,500 classes, and; hosted almost 700 meetings of local clubs and organizations. In 2014, The Hayner Center was named “Institution of The Year” by the Ohio Museum Association. It is a beautiful and busy place!

The renewal levy will cost the owner of a $100,000.00 home $21.49 per year. That is less than $0.06 per day and a small price to pay for such a valuable community asset. Please vote “Yes” for The Troy-Hayner Cultural Center!

— Friends of the Hayner, Inc.

Bill Fulker, President

Jerry Herbe, Vice President Joyce Reives, Secretary

Mark Schmitmeyer, Treasurer Erin Staub, Trustee

Wanda Lukens, Trustee

Jim Wilmath, Trustee

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