HazMat teams respond to ‘oily’ substance in Troy waterway


By Mike Ullery

[email protected]

TROY — Troy firefighters were called to a possible spill when a Westbrook resident reported an oily sheen on a small waterway in the subdivision around 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May, 2, 2023.

Responding units verified a substance, believed to be a petroleum-based product, was in the waterway.

The Miami County Haz-Mat Team was called out to handle the situation. They quickly determined the spill was fairly large and had already begun to reach the Great Miami River. Crews immediately began to construct a barrier across the waterway at Treasure Island Park in order to prevent additional contaminants from entering the river.

As that project was underway, additional team members began working their way upstream to attempt to locate the source of the spill.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency was contacted and en-route to the scene to assist.

Officials are also working to identify the type of product that is in the waterway and its source. No further information is available at this time.

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