Hoffman Fine Art Show results


WEST MILTON — The 15th annual Hoffman United Methodist Church Fine Art Show took place in West Milton on Aug. 5-7.

Those in attendance had the opportunity to vote for their top three favorite pieces among the 64 pieces on display. Tallying up those votes lead to the top three winners being “Pantherina” by Tom Kinarney in first place, “Christmas Carols” by George Stum in second place, and “Main Street” by James Gentry in third.

First place prize received $400, second place received $300, and third place received $200. Other pieces received $100 awards which include the following:

• “Passing Storm” by Donna Brooks

• “BTS Jungkook” by Olivia Bush

• “Lillies on the Fence Row” by Shirley DeLaet

• “Peace in the Valley” by Debby Gregory

• “Milo” by Linda Lock

• “Morning Meditation” by Juliann Lyons

• “Front Porch Rocker” by Carole Schafer

• “From the Vine to the Wine” by Marie Trittschuh

• “Love of Aviation” by Regina Whipp

• “Who” by Edward Wilson

• “Colored Self Portrait” by Xiera Younce

The award money was funded by Jim and Tracy Sarver. The show is sponsored by the United Methodist Women. Donations toward expenses are appreciated. Money left over after expenses will go toward various mission projects.

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