Honoring Father’s Day


To the editor:

If you had a good dad you were lucky. So many children grow up without a dad, or the emotional support, that is so important for a child’s development. It is so heartbreaking, knowing so many children in our country today that have no father present.

This Father’s Day, yes gifts are a nice thought, but really all one needs to do is to show up and be cordial. The most important gift for this Father’s Day is simply say to your dad, I love you. Remember the good times, and the bad, Your dad the best he knew how.

In addition to your earthly father, don’t forget to give thanks to your Heavenly Father, who is responsible along with your father for the gift of your life, Thanks be to your father, and your Creator Father God.

Yours in faith,

Mark Bradley, Veteran USAF

Pleasant Hill

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