Isaiah Industries’ products featured on ‘Today’s Homeowner’


PIQUA – Local Piqua business, Isaiah Industries, had their roofing material products featured on “Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford,” not once, but twice.

The Louisiana family that was on the show chose Isaiah Industries’ Rustic Shingle aluminum roofing to replace their roof which was damaged by the Tropical Storm Zeta in 2020. This product was chosen for its wind resistance which was later tested by Hurricane Ida.

President Todd Miller said, “We offer a strong warranty for wind and do our best to ensure quality but, I have to tell you, when that severe storm was barreling down on the home just a few months after the roof was completed, I was sweating bullets. The homeowners were wonderful people who had become good friends and I sure hated to think of them going through that storm. I prayed for the safety of them — and their roof!”

The family and the roof survived the storm with only a small piece of the roof becoming dislodged from damage from the family’s neighbor. After the show’s producers heard of the roof’s survival, the family and the roof was featured on the show’s YouTube channel.

In response to how it felt being featured, Miller said, “getting the national recognition is certainly nice. Working with Danny, his daughter Chelsea, and the rest of the Today’s Homeowner team was a lot of fun. They are really quite knowledgeable and friendly. We sure never expected the opportunity to be featured twice with them, though, both before and after Hurricane Ida. They saw a great testimony though as to the wind resistance of our products.”

Isaiah Industries was created in 1980 by Todd Miller’s father, Donald Miller, and produced roofing materials for “national chains like Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen,” Todd Miller said. The business has expanded to provide aluminum roofing materials to residential homes. The roofing materials have been sold around the United States including Hawaii, Japan, and Canada.

The aluminum roofing materials “carry a 120-mph wind warranty and have been tested in wind pressures simulating 200+ mph winds,” said Miller. Another testament to the quality of the materials was the Coast Guard facility in Long Island. The material was installed and then Super Storm Sandy struck which damaged the surrounding area, but not the roof.

Isaiah Industries has seen some supply chain issues with the current economic climate. According to Miller, there has been some difficulty in getting metal and chemicals for their durable paint finishes. Even with these issues, Miller said they’ve been able to meet customer needs with some delays in project materials.

“Our success is due largely to our amazing team. Our average tenure across the company is over 15 years, and we have several team members who have been with us now 25 or more years,” said Miller.

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