Its fair time


To the editor:

Well folks our summer is about to end. One of my favorite times of (year is about to ) start (with) our Miami County Fair, August 11- 17. 2023. I have not missed one fair since I returned from my Air Force Service during the Viet Nam War Conflict in April of 1970. Each year our fair continues having some of the top billing features of all Ohio Fairs. Yes, Darke County Fair is the largest county fair of all fairs in Ohio, but is it the best? This year our Grange Cafeteria celebrates its 3rd year serving the most nourishing food on our fair grounds. A grand place for wholesome food and a meeting place for friends and families for all once a year.

A new feature this year are our three Veterans Booths located in our fairs commercial building. the 3 Veterans booths will be assisting our famed Veterans and their families. Our County Veterans Office will be assisting those Veterans with Health, Legal, and Financial needs. The Director of our Piqua Care and Support organization is their first time at our fair. Their office will be assisting with Legal Financial Support, Health Care and Personal counseling. Finally our Miami Valley Veterans Museum will be present selling veterans service, Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and The Coast Guard. The creator of the Military Story Mission, Dr. Blevins and her associate Mark Bradley will be assisting our famed Veterans with beginning their Military Stories. Our RV Office will be located north of our Sheriff Office. Dr. Blevins and her associate Mark Bradley have arranged a special viewing of a 1964 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Limousine purchased by our National Navy to chauffeur our CIA Agents, 2 renowned Scientists in charge of our Missal Program, and also Lady Bird and Lindon Bains Johnson our President at the time, for personal appearances. Come on out to this years Miami County Fair and see this renowned Presidential Limousine.

The Veterans Booths, Harness Racing, Animal award competition, New fair rides, award wining floral arrangements, Local art, Photography, bake goods, personal collations, hand sown quilts, I could go on but I have to see the rest of the fair. hope to see out all at the fair beginning Thursday. Lets beat Darke County Fair attendance this year.

Mark Bradey, Veteran, USAF

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