Kathy Henne: A lesson in education


By Kathy Henne

If you’re a parent, or plan to have children, then you probably already recognize the advantages of a good school system. Any real estate agent will also tell you that a home in a good school district is a gem when it comes to resale values.

As you scope out locations for your next move, there are some basic barometers for judging the excellence of education near your home. Begin by checking the quality of the education the students are receiving. Also take into consideration the commitment the teachers are making to that quality education.

Next, research the school attendance. High attendance ratings indicate good teachers as well as caring, supportive parents. Also, look into the student-teacher ratio, usually the lower the better.

Another huge aspect of education, especially in high schools, is athletic performance. Your athletically inclined student may be eyeing sports scholarship opportunities, so those schools with very strong programs may be more appealing. We’ve certainly been blessed locally with talented, dedicated athletes and talented, dedicated coaches. Not to mention loyal and enthusiastic fans!

Educating yourself about local schools before you make your move can pay off with handsome dividends, not only for your children but also with the appreciation in the home you choose. Resale value increases in tandem with the quality of area schools, so do your homework.

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