Kathy Henne: Sights and Smells


By Kathy Henne

Attracting buyers is important in any market. Once you catch a buyer’s attention with a favorable asking price, how do you encourage them to select your home? Namely, assault their senses!

Since first impressions do count, you should start at the front door. Apply a fresh coat of paint and shiny new hardware. On the inside, paint the walls with neutral colors. If you don’t want to use off white or eggshell colors, some designers recommend soft gray or sandy tans to capture the buyer’s hearts.

Now make the buyers’ eyes dance around the home, taking in shiny new faucets, bright light fixtures, and attractive doorknobs and cabinet pulls. Make sure all light fixtures have all the needed light bulbs. Missing light bulbs make rooms feel less inviting. The buyers may decide that you’re trying to hide something from them in the rooms with the missing light bulbs. Like jewelry that accessorizes your home, these details can make quite a statement about your pride of ownership.

Another way to show off your home is to reduce your furnishings by at least 25% throughout the house, even if you have to pay for storage. This will convey a sense of open space to potential buyers as they size up the interior of your home for their own belongings.

Finally, when your home is being shown, you can subconsciously influence buyers through their noses. It may sound silly, but it’s proven that a home smelling of freshly made bread or cookies generates more offers. Of course, a spotless kitchen helps increase the impact.

Conveying cleanliness and comfort throughout your home will make a lasting impression, so don’t overlook the power of the senses. Make the wonderful sights and delicious smells of your home pull the buyers back with their offers to purchase. It will be worth the effort.

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