LaRose launches ‘Styling for Democracy. Now Vote!’


COLUMBUS — Secretary Frank LaRose announced the 2022 “Styling for Democracy. Now Vote!” initiative – a partnership with barbershops, salons, and barber schools to encourage members of their community to sign up to be poll workers, register their family and friends to vote, and educate the community on the multiple ways to vote.

This year hopes to build off the initiative’s previous success, where thousands of people registered at just one barber shop, and other locations registering and inspiring employees and customers to make their voice heard and help others do the same. Already this year, Styling for Democracy has added more barber shops, salons, and colleges across Ohio to reach more communities.

“Your local barber or stylist is often also a friend, a news source, and a community leader – their shop is also a place where ideas and local issues are discussed,” said LaRose. “If you’re talking politics at the barbershop, talk is all you can do unless you are registered to vote; and if you really want to take it to the next level, sign up to be a poll worker so that you can help your neighbors have another free and fair election.”

For generations, beauty salons and barbershops have served as special places, especially in urban areas – as much a social hub as they are an economic engine. They are places not only to get hair care services, but sanctuaries where neighbors can discuss politics and the issues of importance in the community.

Barbershops and salons looking to partner with LaRose on the initiative should contact Henry Curtis at [email protected].

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