Lehman Catholic: Proud past, bold future


SIDNEY — Lehman Catholic High School is the only state-chartered, Roman-Catholic comprehensive institution providing secondary education for the students of Auglaize, Darke, Logan, Mercer, Miami, and Shelby counties in West Central Ohio. Accredited by the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association, Lehman is a ministry of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and the northernmost high school in the Archdiocese.

President Christopher Knight has submitted the following report:

Fifty-four years ago local leaders had a vision for a strong Catholic high school and came together to set the course for what soon became Lehman Catholic High School. Fifty-four years later we have witnessed the success of their vision. With over four thousand graduates, more than one billion dollars in scholarships offered, thousands of college degrees, successful careers around the globe, religious vocations, and happy and well-rounded families … Lehman is strong.

Recently, current Lehman students were asked to complete the following sentence:

Lehman leads … their responses follow:

• the community in representing faith and service.

• together; all are close as a school.

• in teaching how to go from a teenager to a young adult.

• the Catholic faith.

• to a brighter future.

• the great and the bold.

• by example.

• to a strong faith and a path to heaven.

• to success.

• to a more educated life.

• to lives filled with love for Christ and others.

• students to become independent thinkers.

• to faithful individuals leading Christ-like lives who influence others to do good in the world.

• to a good college and to a good Catholic life.

• to holiness.

• young men and women to Christ and into the future.

• to a religious and successful life.

• to the Lord!

• People to the church.

• other people in the community to do good.

• love.

• to Heaven.

• to faith and leadership.

• students to greatness.

• to opportunities.

• in respect.

• in our faith and the way we carry ourselves.

• to college; I have seen how Lehman prepared my siblings.

• by example.

• to a happier and more useful life.

• to be the best version of themselves.

• to greatness.

• those farthest away from God back to His humble heart.

• to be kind and fearless.

• to open doors.

• The way forward …

As Lehman moves forward students will have the opportunity to discern their vocation in life through the newly created “Ignatius Project,” a collaboration with Franciscan University which leads students to a deeper understanding of how God has gifted them and how they can use those gifts to serve him and his people. This will include career exploration experiences, personality and interest surveys and assessments, and discussion through weekly mentor group conversations. A significant piece of this program is the acquisition of a 9-passenger van, which will facilitate the transportation of students to service and internship sites.

Lehman is well positioned to offer students a highly personalized, comprehensive four-year experience that will lead each student down a path unique to them and their interests. Additionally, Lehman’s intentionally designed small size creates opportunities for students to learn about themselves through experiencing and participating in several activities and athletic competitions.

A new digital sign, a campus landscaping plan, new interior and exterior signage, the fulfillment of security grants, and the completion of interior hallway and classroom enhancements are all signs of the renewal of Lehman.

These are just a few aspects of Lehman’s “Bold Future;” visit our website, www.lehmancatholic.com for updates as we move forward.

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