Letter: In politics, no one is immune from criticism


To the Editor:

Two letters in this morning’s (Sept. 18) paper need to be addressed. Neither seemed to understand that in politics no one is immune from criticism, and expecting not to have your feelings hurt is an unreal expectation. As far as “bullying goes, any candidate, especially an inexperienced one, should be prepared to be bullied by just about everyone, even those on his or her side. At least this young man has not whined about this himself, which shows maturity, the one thing he must project if he wants to win. I do not know this young man, and my opinion of Mayor Lee was mostly formed by the night I was stopped by him when he was a Piqua police officer. It was 3:30 in the morning, he was alone, and it was a textbook stop. He was relaxed, polite, and in spite of late night traffic stops being the second scariest things a cop does, he showed no fear or apprehension. It was professionalism you seldom see in a small town police force or even in some big cities.

That said, I see no reason to replace Mayor Lee, though he must have upset some important people for one reason or another.

— Tom Fenner


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