Letter: Is this the type of leadership we want in Piqua?


To the Editor:

I am a current resident of Piqua and have never been very involved in the politics of our small community. However, over the past few weeks I have read articles where Terry D. Wright (the treasurer of Kris Lee) has taken it upon himself to post negative comments about the young candidate running for Ward 3 commissioner. I have searched and am unable to find one single article from the “high school” candidate with any negative remarks regarding his opponent.

Is this the type of leadership we want in Piqua? A candidate that engages in negative campaign tactics? A candidate that wants to discourage the youth of Piqua from trying to make a difference in our small community? A candidate that attempts to bully the “high school” candidate or mislead the public by insinuating he is uniformed and is infatuated with a current commissioner?

I, for one, do not want this type of leadership within our community. I will choose to support the younger candidate and hopefully get a breath of fresh air in our community. While I understand the candidate is young (still in High School according to Terry Wright), I applaud him for his willingness to get into the political ring and try to make Piqua a better place to live. I also applaud the young candidate for being mature enough and strong enough in his beliefs to not resort to this type of political behavior. These actions and words by Terry D. Wright are deplorable and uncalled for. If this is the type of campaign Kris Lee wants to run, we should all vote for the “high school” candidate.

— Daniel Frye


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