Letter: Rude comments are no help


To the Editor:

The following is written collectively by seniors at Piqua High School. We are fellow classmates with Nolan Campbell, a candidate for 3rd Ward Piqua City Commissioner. On behalf of the students at Piqua High School, we would like to express how proud we are that Nolan has taken on the daunting feat of running for public office.

The hateful, disrespectful, and plain rude comments made by Mayor Lee’s Campaign Treasurer, Terry Wright, are no help to the development of our youth in our community. Regardless of Nolan’s win or loss of the campaign, students will see the attacks made for anyone wanting to better this community we have grown up in. We foresee students leaving the community and not returning because of citizens that claim they are community minded like Terry Wright.

You, Mr. Wright, are successfully ruining the future of this city by discouraging a young person to show interest in this community. Respectfully Mr. Wright, keep your hateful comments to yourself.

Nolan Campbell has the full support of the class of 2022 and other peers at Piqua High School for his dedication to this city, it’s citizens, and the students he attends school with.

— Alexandra Nicholas,

Representative of the Piqua High School Class of 2022

DISCLAIMER: These views are not reflective of the Piqua City Schools district or staff.

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