Letter: Many reasons to vote ‘no’ on DORA


To the Editor:

In canvassing the town to obtain signed petitions to stop DORA in April and put it on the November ballot, both myself and our committee found that the great majority of folks were definitely against it. The constant comments from home owners – remember we totaled over 1,100 signatures – were such as “What in the world were those council members thinking?” and “I voted for that mayor but not again,” and “Why can’t people be satisfied with keeping their alcohol drinking inside?” and “I have been angry with that Titterington before, and now I really am.” On and on went the negative comments.

The pro-DORA group gives one reason to vote “yes:” It will help the downtown businesses. Can they honestly believe that when it would mean hiring extra help to stay open later than regular closing time?

And remember:

1. We already have 14 alcohol sales places within that proposed DORA area.

2. The cost of buying the cup and then the drink will turn many away.

3. There are 10 – that’s correct – 10 alcohol and drug recovery classes each week within that area. Does anyone really think those people should be walking through a group of drinkers?

4. There is also a Recovery House within the proposed DORA area.

5. The image of Troy is a family one. Drinkers and drunks wandering around will seriously damage that image.

6. Don’t let anyone tell you there won’t be trash thrown around in spite of trash barrels available. Don’t let anyone tell you that police protection will be adequate if the available officers are called away to another part of town.

7. Once alcohol gets outside the bars, it will be given to underage kids!

8. And perhaps the crowning reason to vote no on DORA is that dozens of our junior and senior high kids would come through that area, hanging out at the Rec and seeing those drinkers and alcoholics, two nights a weeks while DORA is open. Nobody should want their child exposed to that!

Registered voters: Be sure to vote Nov. 2 and vote no on DORA.

— David Pinkerton

Anti-DORA Committee and all those who want a cleaner, better Troy

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