Letter: The RIGHT honorable mayor


To the Editor:

The RIGHT honorable mayor.

This title was an honorific style of expression used by Victorian nobility and the upper crust of the English society. But for American “commoners,” it’s a pretty fancy way of saying a governing official is “a really good guy” in rendering service to the public often at considerable sacrifice. In my humble opinion and others who know him well, Kris Lee merits such distinction as “a good guy” possessing the RIGHT stuff and living as an honorable model of fatherhood, family values and dedicated professionalism as a police officer and now as a political servant to our community.

I am reminded of an invitation I received many years ago to address the Piqua High School National Honor Society. The reason I recall this now was because I learned that the induction of the members was based upon four criteria: character, leadership, service and scholarship. To a considerable degree, Kris Lee has the qualifying standards of the RIGHT stuff based upon these factors. The RIGHT acronym as a standard for success stands for Recognizing Individual Greatness in Historical Testament.

As noteworthy as the honor extended to me from the PHS National Honor Society was, the invitation that Kris would later make to me was even greater in inviting me to stand with him in the swearing in ceremony as he accepted his election to the office of Piqua Mayor. He made a considerable statement in what he would stand for in his advocacy of the credentials of character, leadership, service and scholarship on behalf of his elders and the citizens and residents of Piqua, as commoners who recognize him as “a really good guy.”

Kris and his Piqua High School political opponent, who is probably an “honor” student would serve the interest of the community well in watching the speech made to the Honor Society and then agreeing to an informal dialogue at the Randolph & McCulloch Freedom’s Struggle Complex that could be televised by TV 5 and viewed prior to the election. The topic in conjunction with the video could be, “Where is the National Honor in Our Society Today?”

— Larry Hamilton


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