Letter: Please support Newton schools


To the Editor:

To the voters in Newton Local School District,

We are so fortunate to have such an excellent school district in our small community. This is due to positive support of the residents. Because of current income, the district is fiscally sound and has not had to ask for new funding sources for 14 years. Please vote to continue what we have by voting “Yes” to the renewal of the 0.75% income levy.

The second school related issue on the ballot is election of school board members. This is an important position. School board sets policy and employs the superintendent and treasurer to carry out these policies. We believe Jason Tippie is the best candidate to join incumbents Lane Robbins and Matt Downing. Due to decisions made by our Board of Education, Newton schools offer our students outstanding educational and extra-curricular opportunities in a modern, up-to-date building on a beautiful, well-maintained campus. Please vote for these three candidates.

— John and Lolita Schultz

Pleasant Hill

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