Letter: Vote ‘no’ on Troy’s DORA


To the Editor:

I am an 82-year-old who is proud to have been a lifelong Troy, Ohio resident. I am an Army veteran and proudly 42-year letter carrier employee of the U.S. Post Office in Troy (retired). I have encountered postal patrons who have been transferred to Troy for their work within their companies. A few years later, they were recalled to their previous home by their home company. The expression I heard from them was, “You don’t know what you have here in Troy. We don’t want to leave.”

I have seen a lot of history go by in my lifetime in Troy, and I do not feel opening the downtown up to partying on the beautiful main square in downtown Troy with alcoholic beverages is a positive step for the citizens of Troy, Ohio. To those who approve with the comments from other cities to the positive, I believe a survey of these towns’ would also turn up negative comments as well. Look at Dayton with a DORA area known as the Oregon District. It is not directly downtown as is proposed by Troy and does not involve as large of area as proposed for Troy. This means the concerts on Prouty Plaza would be open for alcoholic drinks as well. I do not feel good about allowing alcoholic refreshments into family atmospheric type entertainment areas.

I believe the downtown is doing quite well the way it is. I have had a very good life without alcohol in my life and do not see the need for the public in Troy, Ohio to be exposed to such a refreshment area.

A “no” vote on the DORA issue is the correct vote.

— Nevin Elleman


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