Letter: Save the historical anchor for West Main


To the Editor:

I was very excited to hear that the Troy–Miami County Library is interested in the 112-118 W Main St. building as a possible site to expand the library’s services. As a person who uses libraries and many of their services, I look forward to hearing about the future of expanding their services. Expansion of services is important for our growing community. In addition, I commend the library’s desire to use one of Troy’s most important historical properties. They are acting as true stewards of their funding by reusing, updating a great building!

Now, what is needed is our community to speak out by voicing, writing, calling for change! T0 make real and honest improvements to how city government assesses historical properties in our beloved community. Save the historical anchor for the West Main Street side of our city.

Loraine Wyatt

— Loraine Wyatt


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