Letter: Do not tear down our downtown


To the Editor:

No to demolition!

Planning Commission,

I wish to make you aware of my concerns about the possible demo of 112-118 West Main St. I feel this property owner was given almost a year with no notices to repair, to fix that building. It sat through storms and wind for months, even closing a public sidewalk with no requirements to fix it. I am concerned that others who own downtown property, including the Brewery, might just be encouraged to let it go so they also can demolish and build. There should have been some code enforcement, just like there is when grass is too long, or rubbish laying around, or cars in the yard etc. Citizens are cited and have to act on these citations. This building is worth much more that that.

I am also concerned with how closely we looked at the requirements for demo. It seems we have had a few opinions. Doesn’t this cause doubt in your minds? Has the case really been made for this property’s demolition?

To those who say we should not tell people what they can and cannot do to their property, every “permit” or license you get tells you what you can do. You cannot build a house without permission on your own property. Troy has lots of rules as do most cities for boundaries to keep their city nice. You need electrical inspections, building inspections, blah blah. So we are told in many ways what we can do.

I thank you for listening, and I ask that you, do not tear down our downtown. Thank you.

— Rosemary and Wes Jones


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