Letter: Vote ‘No’ on the DORA


To the Editor:

Remember, Nov 2 is coming very soon, I would like to remind you that DORA (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area) will be on the ballot. I think as you vote you need to realize that this will definitely change the casual walking around downtown Troy, Thursday through Saturday noon till 10 p.m. Noon??? Our students are leaving the high school and junior high and those who enjoy walking to the Rec, Tim Hortons, K’s Hamburger shop and other places will be a part of those who are carrying their drink around to enjoy and “increase” business. I do not have objections to adults stopping in to a facility to have an alcoholic drink, but there is no need to carry these drinks from place to place and getting another drink somewhere else. Think about a 21-year-old getting a drink and meeting an underage friend outside in the area and sharing his/her drink. This is a real possibility.

If you don’t maintain what we have and grow Troy with respect for the majority, we will no longer be the Troy we have known and loved. So many of our young adults with families, are always saying how Troy is a family friendly town with so much to offer their children and themselves. The reason they have chosen Troy to be their home is to raise a family and enjoy the many benefits they have by living in Troy.

Vote “No” on the DORA issue when you vote.

— Nancy Frantz


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