Letter: What does it say about today’s GOP


To the Editor:

Anyone still naive enough to believe that Trump’s disgraceful deference to Putin at Helsinski was anything less than what it seemed need only listen to his delusional, callous, heartless and fictional musings about the unprovoked, unjustified brutal attack on Ukraine. Amidst near universal condemnation of Putin’s actions, Trump describes him as smart and savvy, literally comparing the assault to a real estate acquisition.

What does it say about today’s GOP, Trump cultists in particular, that one of the few places in the world where Putin and Russia were being praised and celebrated was South Florida, at two separate “conservative” conventions, CPAC and AFPAC. All this inspired by a man who, by all rights, should be responding to multiple indictments, instead of providing propaganda material for a documented adversary of our nation.

I understand the reticence to go after a former president, given the lack of precedence, but to ignore or dismiss the many transgressions of a man with no moral compass, whose life has been an endless loop of self-promotion, self-enrichment, self-indulgence, and now self-preservation, is to say that our presidents are indeed, above the law. That will not, and cannot, end well.

— Doug Smith


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