LifeWise Academy coming to Springcreek, Washington Primary Schools


PIQUA — LifeWise Academy in Piqua will be offering classes this winter to Washington Primary and Springcreek Primary Schools in grades one through three.

Students will travel from Washington Primary School to Piqua Baptist Church and from Springcreek Primary School to The Valley Church (Piqua), where they will meet to receive Bible-based character education.

“Thanks to our supportive community, we will be able to offer LifeWise classes to Springcreek and Washington students in grades first through third,” said April Ahrns, LifeWise Academy Piqua Director, in a press release. “We look forward to seeing how this program will impact the lives of our students and the unity of Piqua as a whole. We’ve already seen our community come together to make this possible, and we’re excited to see how much farther we can grow.”

LifeWise lessons will be part of the school’s specials time (Art, Music, Gym, or STEM), and will be held on Tuesdays for Springcreek and Wednesdays for Washington. Students can enroll at

Ahrns continued, “I also want to thank everyone who has partnered with LifeWise Academy Piqua. We would not be able to provide this program to students in our community without your generous support.”

The program helps to strengthen students’ character development and mental health and also benefits educators’ efforts to build strong students in their classrooms, said the release. Students learn the Bible chronologically as part of the curriculum. Each lesson relates a Bible passage to a relevant character trait that the students are encouraged to practice in their families and communities.

LifeWise Academy comes alongside administrators and teachers as a supportive ally in the fight for better character development, mental health and academic achievement.

LifeWise Academy is based in Hilliard, Ohio and is a released time religious instruction program that provides Bible-based character education to public school students. With parental permission, students are released from school during the day to attend classes that are off school property one hour per week.

For additional information about LifeWise Academy, visit

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