Listen to the Bells!


PIQUA — The Salvation Army of Miami County is out at retail locations ringing their bells next to the red kettles collecting for those in need this holiday season.

“With the annual Christmas rush,” said a press release “perhaps it is time to reconsider the real meaning. The most famous and beloved verse in the Bible was written by John the Apostle.” More recently, the release said, another author explained it this way:

John 3:16

God — the greatest lover

So loved — the greatest degree

The world — the greatest number

That He gave — the greatest act

His only begotten son — the greatest gift

That whosoever — the greatest invitation

Believes — the greatest simplicity

In Him — the greatest person

Shall not perish — the greatest escape

But — the greatest difference

Have — the greatest certainty

Eternal Life — the greatest destiny

This past year, conversations have spiraled down from talking to yelling. Paul the Apostle suggested a better way: “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” (Colossians 4:6)

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, volunteers will be again ringing the bells while standing quietly beside the red buckets. We all play ‘Whack a Mole” at gas prices and growl at grocery leaps. Why is the only way to tame inflation have to the hurt the poor the most? Walking the thin line between eating or heating is even more real for so many again this year, the release said.

“What if we all dropped just one dollar in the bucket each time we go to Kroger? Would missing a Coke or a Latte be all that sacrificial? Remember nearly 90% of each dollar comes back to Miami County. There is an elder, a veteran, a newly unemployed neighbor, and a small child depending on you. $40K goes a long way!” said the release

Listen to the Bells!

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