Local cat has over 316K followers


By Haylee Pence

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PIQUA – A local cat has her own social media page on Facebook and has gained 316,000 followers.

Keebo, owned by Carol and Brian Waugh, of Piqua, is a 12-year-old cat that gained the attention of many folks through a Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/TeamKeebo?mibextid=ZbWKwL.

Keebo is a “special needs kitty” who has radial aplasia. Radial aplasia is when the radius is completely absent.

“We rescued her when she was a kitten, like 6 weeks old,” said Carol.

Carol and one of her daughters were visiting the Shelby County Animal Shelter to adopt an older cat.

“Our eyes just locked, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. It was like she just spoke to me.”

From there, Keebo became a part of the Waugh family. Carol and Keebo bonded during Carol’s recovery from surgery.

According to Carol, when Keebo was a young kitten, she would army-crawl due to the radial aplasia. Keebo also squats and sits on her hind legs.

Carol started posting pictures of Keebo on her personal Facebook page, then she created Keebo’s own page named “Keebo – The Awesome Mini Kitty.” The page consists of pictures, videos, and more of Keebo and the other animals living with the Waughs.

Keebo recently competed in America’s Favorite Pet Contest against over 70,000 other cats and took second place. She will be featured in an article in Catser Magazine. According to Carol, voters donated thousands of dollars to support www.Paws.org.

With over 316,000 followers, Carol said, “It just kind of brings me to my knees sometimes to think that she’s touched that many people.”

Keebo’s followers are referred to as Team Keebo.

“She’s family to Team Keebo,” commented Carol. She went on to discuss examples of how Keebo’s page has been found by people in “the worst times of their lives” and how Keebo provides a positive and uplifting page.

“Helping people smile is a pretty incredible thing,” said Carol. “I keep it 100% real and 100% honest. Our followers know everything.”

Carol and Brian support Our Farms Sanctuary in Tipp City by donating and fostering. Carol encourages residents to adopt, don’t shop.

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