Lutz is the right leader for mayor


To the editor:

I have known Bill (Lutz) for over 25 years, since he and my daughter worked together as teens at True Valu Hardware.

His dedication and helpful attitude then, has only grown and blossomed as he finished his Bachelors and Master’s degrees in public policy and administration. That educational background coupled with a lifetime of service in government (in Miami County and as President of City Council in Troy), and as a successful and effective non-profit leader at New Path makes me confident that he has the focus, experience and attitude for leadership as our next Mayor.

Despite what his opponent says, all is not well in Troy. There are significant challenges to be addressed today and looking ahead. To meet expanded needs for housing, more opportunities for youth and ways to attract higher-paying jobs. Not to mention needing to be aggressive to protect historic structures while expanding their utilization. Bill has the vision, experience, and drive to drive these changes for our city.

Leib Lurie


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