Mayor Robin Oda for re-election


To the editor:

I would like to encourage everyone to get out and exercise their right to vote on May 2nd. Even though this is a primary election the mayor of Troy could very well be decided at this time.

Mayor Robin Oda has my strong support in this upcoming election. During the 15 years that I have known Robin, I have found her to be honest, trustworthy, hardworking & transparent. I know her love for the city of Troy and its residents guides her to make the decisions she feels will be best for our great town. Recently I have seen many comments attacking Mayor Oda’s integrity on social media, however I have never known her to be anything but upfront and truthful. If you have questions regarding any of her decisions or policies, I encourage you to speak with her rather than rely on the opinions of others. She loves the people of Troy and would be happy to have a conversation with you.

Please join me in supporting Mayor Robin Oda for reelection on May 2nd!


Cindy Post

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