Men rescued from water


Staff Report

TIPP CITY — Ice fishermen were rescued from a pond at Kyle Park on Wednesday morning.

Two of the men were rescued after they fell through the ice around 10:42 a.m. Wednesday, according to a news release from Tipp City Chief of Emergency Services Cameron Haller. Upon arrival, Haller said rescue personnel found two men in the water in front of a shanty and the third man still on the ice behind the shanty, but unable to move because of thin ice.

Two rescue personnel in ice rescue suits and tethered with a rope to onshore personnel made their way onto the ice. The rescuers went to the men in the water first. They were able to extricate both victims from the icy water within 8 minutes of being on the scene. The third victim, who was not in the water at any time, was brought to shore within 11 minutes.

Haller said all equipment also was salvaged by rescue personnel.

He said all three victims were assessed by EMS units on the scene. The two victims that were in the water were transported to local emergency rooms for evaluation by medical personnel and arrived at the hospital in stable condition. The third victim was assessed and did not want to be transported to a hospital. The men were all adults ranging from 20-60 years old.

“The rescue was a total team effort on behalf of all personnel,” Haller said. “Our personnel utilized ice and rope rescue skills to make an effective rescue.”

Crews were assisted by the Tipp City Police Department and Bethel Fire.

Haller said extreme cold followed by warmer weather with melting has compromised the ice in the area. He said residents should not be on the ice at this time.

“It’s the freeze-thaw cycle of the ice that really compromises the integrity of the ice,” Haller said Wednesday afternoon. “The integrity of the ice was horrible.”

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