Miami County Commissioners authorize grant to Cookson Elementary


TROY – The Miami County Commissioners met for a general meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 9, to authorize resolutions, including a resolution to award one of the 2022-23 School Year Educational Waste Reduction Grants to Cookson Elementary in the amount of $1,500.

The grant awards are sponsored by the Miami County Solid Waste District. The commissioners approved an amendment to the resolution to change the contact for the grant to the Cookson Elementary principal since according to Commissioner Ted Mercer, the contact is no longer an employee at Cookson Elementary.

Then, the commissioners approved the purchase of an integrated texting module from Henschen and Associates Inc. for Juvenile and Probate Court in order to implement a text reminder application. A representative from the courts stated the text reminder will be similar to text reminders received from doctors and dentists for appointments. The cost shall not exceed $5,860 with $5,000 being paid from the Ohio Supreme Court Technology Grant award and the remaining $860 being paid from local funds.

The next resolution was to award the 2022 Center Line and Edge Line Striping and Center Line Layout Program to Aero-Mark Inc. of Streetsboro. The cost of the program is $307,600. According to Paul Huelskamp, Miami County Engineer, this company was the “lowest and best bid.”

The commissioners signed a contract with CGL Companies LLC for the Professional Space Utilization Study and Facility Master Plan. The cost for services is $207,000. The services provided include identifying projects and “cost estimates for the planning, designing, constructing and occupying space renovation and/or new facility(s).” These projects are then selected to proceed by the commissioners.

Then, the commissioners authorized the seventh release from the escrow agreement with North Branch Land Company LLC for the construction of the North Branch Pass Subdivision in the amount of $39,375 with a remaining balance of $170,632.75.

The commissioners also authorized the 10th release from the financial guaranty with 3-GEN-D LLC for the construction of Emerson Crossing Subdivision in the amount of $3,250 with a remaining balance of $492,567.42.

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