Miami County health inspections


Information provided by Miami County Public Health.

Sept. 8

• Dragon City, 1598 Covington Ave., Piqua: Standard/critical control point inspection.

Critical; repeat; at time of inspections, observed employees sanitizing equipment and utensils in 3-bay with sanitizer concentration of 0 ppm. After informing employee that the sanitizer was at 0, the employee dumped bleach into the sanitizer compartment. After testing the sanitizer again, the concentration was <200 ppm. When PIC arrived, the bay was drained and prepared again with a concentration of approximately 50 ppm. Ensure employees are properly trained on how to set up the sanitizer bay so it is the correct concentration.

Repeat; at time of inspection, observed employee beverages stored on a shelf above dry goods (flour, sugar, etc.). Ensure employee beverages are stored separate from facility foods to prevent contamination.

Repeat; at time of inspection, observed gaps on the top of the screen door between the door and the door frame. Ensure outer opening are protected to prevent pest infiltration. Close gaps so the door shuts without gaps.

Repeat; at time of inspection, observed utensil storage rack above prep/veggie sink to be within the splash zone of the sink. Move rack higher out of the splash zone or place a sheet of material on the rack to protect utensils from splash.

At time of inspection, observed single use take out containers used to scoop dry goods such as flour and sugar. Ensure scoops are durable and smooth and easily cleanable if they are going to be used for scooping dry goods. An approved scoop was observed in the container to the right. Ensure handles are stored above the surface of the dry goods.

Critical; repeat; at time of inspection, observed can opener blade to be rusty and no longer smooth and easily cleanable. Replace can opener blade. At time of inspection, can opener was not in active use.

At time of inspection, observed aluminum foil on the grill that is no longer in use. Remove aluminum foil and clean the grill surfaces. Aluminum foil is not smooth and easily cleanable. The grill surfaces should not be covered with aluminum foil.

Repeat; at time of inspection, observed the following non-food contact surfaces to be dirty: 1. Handsink faucet handles on the front and back sinks 2. Storage rack above the prep/veggie sink Clean these surfaces.

Repeat; at time of inspection, observed grease dripping from behind hood vents. Ensure the ventilation system is cleaned at a frequency that prevents severe grease accumulation behind the vents.


Designate specific areas/equipment with “employee food/drink only”, and separate them from facility equipment and food.

Another standard/critical-control-point inspection will occur next month (September) per the instruction of the Health Commissioner for Miami County at the last meeting.

Significant improvement from previous inspections was observed at this Standard/CCP inspection. Keep up the good work and continuous improvement!

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