Miami County health inspections


Information provided by Miami County Public Health.

April 11

• Little Caesars, 646 W. Water St., Piqua: Standard/Process Review Inspection.

Critical: Person-In-Charge (PIC) unable to demonstrate knowledge of cleaning and sanitizing. At time of inspection, PIC stated that baking pans are cleaned every other night. Utensils that come into contact with non-TCS food shall be cleaned at least every 24 hours or as needed.

Critical: Written procedures and plans are not maintained and implemented. PIC was unaware of written procedures for time as a public health control and did not implement them properly. Discussed proper procedures with PIC at time of inspection. Handouts will be sent with this report.

Critical: PIC unable to demonstrate knowledge by having no critical violations. Discussed proper food safety procedures with the PIC to mitigate future critical violations.

No written procedures for responding to vomiting or diarrheal events. A copy will be sent with this report.

No towels or drying device at the handwashing sink(s). Observed no hand towels at the hand-sink nearest the 3-compartment sink. Ensure hand-sinks are adequately stocked.

Corrected during inspection; critical: Quaternary ammonium sanitizing solution at incorrect temperature, concentration, and/or water hardness. Observed the quaternary solution at 100F and concentration less than 200 ppm. Upon informing the PIC, the water temperature was lessened to 70F or below and the concentration brought to 200 ppm.

Corrected during inspection; critical: Equipment food-contact surfaces or utensils are unclean. Observed the can opener with food residual build-up on the blade. Upon informing the PIC, the can opener was moved to the 3-compartment sink.

Critical: Improper use of time as a public health control (4 hours). Observed the following: 1. Pizza stored in the racks not properly time marked per Little Caesar procedure. 2. Parmesan cheese not being time marked. Parmesan cheese was voluntarily discarded. 3. Stuffed crust not being time marked. Stuffed crust was discarded voluntarily. As a result, a re-inspection will occur to ensure proper time procedures are being followed.

Hot and cold holding equipment thermometer was missing, located incorrectly, or not easily readable. Observed no thermometer in the prep table reach-in cooler. Ensure thermometers are placed in all cold/hot holding equipment.

Working food containers not properly labeled. Observed multiple working containers of food missing adequate labels. All working food containers should be labeled with their common name for ease of identification.

Observed dough in the walk-in cooler exposed to dust and other contamination from the ventilation system.

Food employee(s) not wearing a hair restraint. At time of inspection, observed PIC working with food product while not wearing a hat.

Equipment and utensils are not being air dried. Observed utensils and pans stored while not fully air dried (wet nesting).

Fixed equipment not properly sealed or spaced for cleaning. Observed sealant on the 3-compartment sink no longer adequately tight and flush with the wall. Re-seal the 3-compartment sink to the wall so that it is easily cleanable.

Nonfood-contact surfaces not easily cleanable. Observed pizza rack covers and ventilation covers in disrepair. Replace so that they are easily cleanable.

Non-food contact surfaces of equipment are unclean. Observed the following unclean to sight and touch: 1. Reach-in cooler gaskets, door handles, and shelving. 2. Reach-in freezer gaskets, door handles, and shelving. 3. Walk-in cooler gaskets. 4. Pizza oven conveyor belt. 5. Pizza storage racks. 6. Storage shelves. Ensure all equipment is cleaned regularly to prevent accumulations of food debris and grime.

Water treatment device or backflow preventer not inspected/serviced with documentation as required. PIC unable to provide documentation of backflow service.

Unnecessary or nonfunctional items on premises. Observed nonfunctional equipment and unnecessary items stored intermittently throughout the facility. Remove these items.

Ceilings not smooth and easily cleanable. Observed acoustic ceiling tiles in the bathroom. Acoustic ceiling tiles are not smooth and easily cleanable. Replace.

Unapproved cleaning method for floors. Observed a broom and dust pan being used to clean the floors. Ensure wet methods of cleaning are utilized to prevent dust kick up and contamination within the facility.

Facility not maintained clean. Observed the following areas unclean to sight and touch: 1. Floors, walls, and ceilings. 2. Floor drains. Ensure a cleaning frequency is implemented to prevent such accumulations of food debris and grime.

Physical facilities not maintained in good repair. Observed the following: 1. A hole in the wall in the bathroom. 2. Duct tape on the walk-in door. Repair so that both surfaces are smooth and easily cleanable.

Ventilation system not maintained. Observed thick layers of dust build-up on the ventilation systems throughout the facility, most notably in the walk-in cooler.

RFE does not comply with Level One Certification requirements. Attain proper training approved by the Ohio Department of Health.

Comments: At the time of inspection, time as a public health control was not implemented correctly within the facility. The pizza, stuffed crust, and parmesan cheese were all observed without time marks. As a result, a re-inspection will occur on or after 4/22/2022 to ensure time procedures are being implemented and used correctly. Keep in mind that the time starts as soon as the dough is removed from the walk-in cooler. It was determined that from now on facility policy will require stuffed crust and “crazy bread” to be kept under refrigeration until use (41F or below).

Develop proper time procedures for the Parmesan cheese. These procedures will be verified for accuracy and completeness upon re-inspection. Handouts created by the owners will be sent to help facilitate this process.

• Piqua High School, One Indian Trail, Piqua: Follow-Up Inspection.

Critical; repeat: At time of inspection, PIC discussed employees dunking their hands in “bleach water” between the dirty and clean sides of dishwashing. Hands were not being washed in between handling dirty dishes going into the dishwasher. Hands need to be washed between handling dirty dishes and handling clean dishes.

Repeat: At time of inspection, observed the following: 1. Wooden prep table that is no longer smooth and easily cleanable. 2. Wooden cabinets that are not sealed.

Repeat: Observed spray nozzle before dishwasher to be leaking from the pipe junction and have a cloth underneath to catch the drip. Repair.

Repeat: Observed metal plate on wall where water fountain used to be to not be properly sealed. Reseal plate to wall so it is smooth and easily cleanable.

The following violation(s) have been corrected since the last inspection:

Backflow prevention – air gap – At time of inspection, both the front and back prep sinks had insufficient air gaps. Ensure air gaps of at least 2 inches on both prep sink drains.

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