Miami County Jail continues upgrades; Work done in-house to reduce costs


By Jordan Green

[email protected]

TROY — Upgrades to the control room at the Miami County Sheriff’s Department are nearly complete. These upgrades were prompted by recent changes to the Miami County Jail, and the labor was done entirely in-house.

The largest change was the complete overhaul of the control room, which is where staff monitor and run the jail. New cameras were installed in 2019 through funding provided by the Miami County Commissioners and with that came a need for a revamp.

“It still had 1980s paneling in there, and they say when a building is operated 24 hours a day, it ages seven years for every one year. So, it was past time for an upgrade,” said Lieutenant Lee Larimore.

The room was outfitted with a new desk, designed and built by department members, which houses computer equipment and blocks inmates’ abilities to see camera coverage of the jail. Additionally, new carpet flooring, walls, and monitors were installed in the room.

The room adjacent to the control room — which serves as a break room and filing room — was also revamped, although it has not yet finished. New furnishings, counter tops, and carpeting were installed, and there are plans to expand the countertop further to span the length of the room.

All the labor was done Sargent Jack Snyder, Lieutenant Lee Larimore, and fellow county staff members, which drastically reduced the cost of the project. Funding for the materials was provided through the forfeiture of cash and property related to illicit narcotics trade.

Other recent upgrades to the county jail include a revamp of the inmate locker area, which was upgraded in size and reinforced to make potential break-ins more difficult. A new key and item check system that automatically logs when items are checked in and out was added, which reduces paperwork and is also part of an initiative to reduce the use of paper in the department. This system also increases accountability in the department for items used in the jail.

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