Miami County Public Health releases COVID-19 update


MIAMI COUNTY — Miami County Public Health is issuing an update on the COVID-19 outbreak at Koester Pavilion, including information regarding a second Koester resident who has passed away.

The update is as follows:

There are now 12 presumptive positive COVID-19 cases in Miami County awaiting confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control.

Total number of individuals at Koester with symptoms:

• Residents: 16

• Staff: 24

• Visitors: 2

Of those who have been tested, there are now 12 presumptive positives with the remaining tests still pending. Currently, there are five individuals from Koester still hospitalized.

There have now been two Koester Pavilion residents who have died. At this time, COVID-19 tests results are still pending for these two individuals, therefore it cannot be confirmed that COVID-19 was the cause of death.

“The COVID-19 outbreak at Koester Pavilion is a challenging time for everyone,” Miami County Health Commissioner Dennis Propes said. “We have received report that a second Koester resident, that had been hospitalized and tested for COVID-19, has also died. My deepest condolences go out to the families during this extremely difficulty time. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. As the test results (are) still pending, it cannot be confirmed that these deaths are due to COVID-19, but we hope to receive results soon.”

In the days and weeks ahead, the community can expect to see an increase in positive cases. This is due to test results becoming available and continued testing of those who are ill with COVID-19 symptoms. It is important to understand that this is expected and not cause for alarm. It is also important that everyone continue to follow safe social distancing practices, don’t go out if unnecessary, washing your hands frequently with soap and water, staying home if you are sick, and avoiding those who are sick. This will help slow the spread of the virus and help flatten the curve.

As new information becomes available, MCPH will be providing daily updates to keep the community informed of the evolving situation.
Second Koester resident passes away

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