Miami County Public Health restaurant inspections


Information provided by the Miami County Public Health Department.

Sept. 30

• Texas Roadhouse, 1809 Towne Park Dr., Troy: Standard/Critical Control Point Inspection.

No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

Comments: Not only was this inspection a standard/CCP inspection, but also a 30-day operational inspection.

The HACCP procedures, as re-submitted, have been reviewed and approved. The facility has been approved to use the cook-chill HACCP procedures in accordance with the most recent submittals to MCPH.

• Marion’s Piazza, 1270 Experiment Farm Rd, Troy: Standard/Process Review.

Corrected during inspection; critical: Equipment food-contact surfaces or utensils are unclean. Observed slicer with food debris build-up. Upon informing PIC, PIC began cleaning slicer.

Corrected during inspection; critical: Equipment food-contact surfaces or utensils are unclean. Observed lids on wire rack above dish area dirty with food debris. Upon informing PIC, lids were placed in dirty dish area.

Corrected during inspection; critical: Improper use of time as a public health control (four hours). Observed cheese sitting out without time stamp marking. Upon informing PIC, cheese was time stamped.

Comments: Ensure foods that are not in continuous use are covered in walk-in and reach-in coolers.

Ensure cutting boards get resurfaced or replaced as needed to ensure smooth and easily cleanable surface.

Oct. 1

• Holiday Inn Express Troy, 60 Troy Town Dr., Troy: Standard/Critical Control Point.

Corrected during inspection; critical; repeat: TCS foods not being cold held at the proper temperature. The reach-in freezer unit was observed holding above 41F and TCS foods were tempted holding at 61F at the time of inspection. Upon informing the PIC of the issue, all TCS foods in the unit were voluntarily pulled and discarded at the time of inspection.

Equipment components are not intact, tight or properly adjusted. The reach-in freezer was observed in disrepair, holding at a temperature well above freezing. Repair this unit and cease use until the unit has been fully and completely serviced.

Comments: The high temp dish washing machine was not able to be properly tested using the facility’s heat strips. Until this unit is able to reach a plate surface temperature of at least 160 F, use the 3-compartment sink only to wash, rinse and sanitize food contact surfaces.

• 36 Skate Club, 4845 W. U.S. 36 RTE, Piqua: Standard Inspection.

Corrected during inspection; critical: Equipment food-contact surfaces or utensils are unclean. The front interior lip of the ice machine was observed with a slight yeast-like build-up. The PIC was able to clean the build-up observed at the time of inspection.

Corrected during inspection; critical: Refrigerated, ready-to-eat, TCS foods not properly date marked. In the reach-in cooler, hot dogs were observed without a proper date mark. Upon informing the PIC, the hot dogs were correctly date marked with their prep date (9/30), good for seven total days.

Comments: The observed violations were both able to be promptly corrected while on-site.

The operation was clean and maintained throughout. As previously noted, if the facility still plans to renovate, ensure a plan review is filled out and submitted for review prior to any work beginning.

• Dominos Pizza Tipp City, 937 W. Main St., Tipp City: Standard Inspection.

Corrected during inspection; critical: Written procedures and plans are not maintained and implemented. The facility’s shelf life chart states their pizza sauce should be timed for up to eight hours. At the time of inspection, the facility’s pizza sauce was not observed properly time marked. Upon informing the PIC, the pizza sauce was prominently time marked for eight total hours.

Corrected during inspection; critical: Working containers of poisonous or toxic materials not properly labeled. In the back near the 3-compartment sink ware-washing area, observed two containers that were not properly labeled with the substances common name(s). Upon informing the PIC, the containers containing dawn dish soap were properly labeled.

Repeat: RFE does not comply with Level One Certification requirements. PIC unable to prove certification in food handler safety (formerly level 1). Obtain the proper trainings so at least one person per shift has food handler training when the facility is absent the Manager’s Certified individual.

Comments: Ensure equipment is being pulled out and thorough cleaning behind to remove food debris and residue is occurring frequently enough to prevent thick build-ups.

Oct. 3

• Milton Union Recreation Association 2, 7640 Milton Potsdam Rd., West Milton: Standard Inspection.

Repeat: At the time of inspection, the facility was observed without an individual certified in Level 2 or Managerial Food Safety. Ensure an individual affiliated with the establishment is certified in Managerial Food Safety.

Comments: At the time of inspection, all holding temperatures met the requirements set forth by the Ohio Food Code. Also, the hand sink was properly stocked and an EPA approved sanitizer was on hand.

Oct. 4

• Residence Inn, 87 Troy Town Rd., Troy: Follow-up Inspection.

Critical; repeat: Food equipment surfaces not cleaned at required frequency. Observed ice machine in kitchen area with mold-like build-up.

Repeat: FSO did not have a person in charge per shift with the person in charge certification in food protection. PIC was informed at the time of inspection to complete level 1 food safety training for PIC of each shift.

The following violation(s) have been corrected since the last inspection.

Comments: Received cleaned ice machine photos on Oct. 4.

Oct. 5

• RedBerry, 914 N. Market St., Troy: Follow-up Inspection.

Repeat: Non-food contact surface(s) not cleaned at the required frequency. Racks in the walk-in cooler observed with food debris and residue.

Repeat: Facility not maintained clean. Floors throughout the facility were observed unclean.

The following violation(s) have been corrected since the last inspection: Controlling pests. Presence of live pests. A severe gnat problem was observed in the kitchen, specifically in the dish area. A large amount of gnats observed in the employee rest room due to the dirty towel bags accumulating.

Comments: Follow-up to check on the previously observed gnat presence. At the time of inspection, the gnat issue had improved. Continue to work with pest control to eliminate the issue completely from the food service.

Also, work to remove standing water in areas such as the dish washing area, in the mop basin area, as well as in the back storage room across from where the employee restroom is located.

The floors throughout were observed needing a deep and thorough cleaning. The PIC stated chemicals for degreasing and cleaning the floors are on order. In the meantime, enhance the frequency of cleaning to remove debris, residues and conditions potentially leading to a presence of pests.

The PIC is to send the most recent pest control report that took place since the last inspection (21-SEPT-2021).

At the time of follow-up, the dish machine was tested and was properly reaching a plate surface temperature of 160F.

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