Piqua Health Department food inspections


Information provided by the Piqua Health Department.

Sept. 2

• Piqua Youth Soccer, Pitsenbarger Park: Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Sept. 15

• Cassano’s Inc., 1577 Covington Ave., Piqua: Nacho cheese marked “keep refrigerated” out at room temperature.

Lettuce in the walk-in cooler without date. Must date ready to eat TCS foods. Discard after seven days.

Wiping clothes on counter. Keep these in sanitizer between uses.

The ceiling needs to be cleaned.

Sept. 22

• East of Chicago, 1560 Covington Ave., Piqua: Bags of roast beef stacked too high.

Provide thermometers for pizza prep and sandwich prep units.

The dishwasher needs cleaning.

The ceiling and back wall need to be cleaned.

Sept. 23

• Hot Head Burrito, 1567 Covington Ave., Piqua: Observed multiple employees forget to wash hands as required by food code. Wash hands often to prevent contamination.

The meal prep unit and the cutting boards and the food containers need cleaning.

The cabinet under pop machine needs cleaning.

Food containers stacked and put away wet. Allow to air dry completely before stacking.

Back door open during inspection. Openings must be screened or closed to prevent pests.

Non-food service employees in the kitchen. Only food employees are permitted in the kitchen.

Sept. 27

• Subway, 1575 Covington Ave., Piqua: Observed food employee touch hair and not wash hands before returning to work. Must wash hands after coughing, touching face, hair, etc.

The 3-compartment sink is leaking. Repair. Repeated issue.

Oct. 1

• Tim Horton’s, 635 W. Water St., Piqua: Food employee put on clean gloves without washing hands. Must wash hands when changing tasks and putting on new gloves.

Provide maximum registering thermometer so temperature of dishwasher can be monitored.

The interior of prep unit needs cleaned.

Food equipment is being stored in employee bathroom. This is not an approved area to store food equipment. Remove.

Oct. 14

• Winans Chocolate + Coffee, 310 Spring St., Piqua: Provide thermometer for upright refrigerator to monitor the temperature.

• Greene St. UMC, 415 W. Greene St., Piqua: Satisfactory at the time of inspection.

• Buckeye Chucks, 1130 Park Ave., Piqua: No paper towels for the hand sink in the bathroom so hands can be washed.

Keep all food containers six inches off floor to prevent contamination and aid cleaning.

Oct. 15

• Big Lots, 1220 E. Ash St., Piqua: Satisfactory at the time of inspection.

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