Miami County Real Estate Transactions



Frank Harlow, Holly Harlow to Eric Ganger, one lot, $80,000.

Amy Dromey, Danelle Dromey, James Dromey Jr., Patrick Dromey to Amy Dromey, Patrick Dromey, one lot, $35,000.

Bobbi Renbarger, Bret Renbarger to Jesse Oakes, Abigail Simon, a part lot, $40,300.

Christine Osterman, Martha Schwab, attorney in fact, Hal Walker, Paul Walker II to Amber Whitehead, Jeffrey Whitehead, one lot, $165,000.

Ann Huffaker to Kanean Sweargin, Kate Sweargin, one lot, $0.

Ohio State Career Training Center Inc. to MVP 619 Lincoln Inc., a part lot, $115,000.

Bryant Dixon, Courtney Kinney, Darryl Kinney to Ryan Cain, one lot, $132,000.

Ryan Pyles-Dodds, Whitney Pyles-Dodds to Swabb Management Company LLC, one lot, $192,000.

Amy Jennings, James Jennings to Harlow Builders Inc., one lot, one part lot, $240,000.

Brock Moon, Natalie Moon to Jordan Weber, one lot, $235,000.

Estate of Patricia Locker, Ann Gonazalez, executor to Bonnie Niswonger, $65,000.

Bill Cacciofli, attorney-in-fact, Lowell Domigan to L&T Home Rentals LLC, one lot, $115,000.

Bill Cacciofli, attorney-in-fact, Lowell Domigan to L&T Home Rentals LLC, one lot, $115,000.

Bill Cacciofli, attorney-in-fact, Lowell Domigan to L&T Home Rentals LLC, one lot, $115,000.

Patrick Fisher, Sarah Rampulla, attorney in fact to Emily McFadden, one lot, $92,500.

Patricia Haren, Patrick Haren to Patricia Haren, Patrick Haren, a part lot, $0.

Phyllis Iddings to Norman Iddings, $65,000.


Pennymac Loan Services to Richard Caserta, one lot, $58,600.

Brandon Virgallito, Casey Virgallito to Richard Lyman, Sonja Lyman, $104,900.

Teeters Real Estate Investments to Bethany Hickman, Daniel Hickman, one lot, $79,000.

Andrea Homan, Lee Homan to Susan Burnett, one lot, $178,000.

Susan Jones, Tommy Jones to Christopher Curtner, one lot, $42,600.

Martha Cox Guenthner to Jack Pleasant, one lot, $61,000.

American Land Investments Ltd. to Linda Hume, one lot, one part lot, $120,000.

Bernice Louise Lewis to Jessica Huff, Brayden Vogler, one lot, $95,000.

William Dankworth Sr. Lori Lamphar, attorney in fact to Kim Dankworth, William Dankworth, a part lot, $63,900.

Estate of David Askins to Richard Slone, a part lot, $0.

Amanda Kittle, Amanda Mikolajewski, Shawn Mikolajewski to Larry Studebaker, one lot, $89,900.


NVR Inc. to Gayle Black, two lots, $249,100.

NVR Inc. to Jennifer Peasant, Julian Peasant Sr., two lots, $322,900.

Esther Snow, John Snow to Kristina Kontos, Michael Kontos Jr., two lots, $355,000.


Keith Maggard II to Jason Smith, one lot, $170,000.

NVR Inc. to John Moloney, Paula Moloney, one lot, $288,100.

Eli Gilleland, Nicole Gilleland to Christopher Springer, Joseph Springer, Rona Springer, $100,000.

Karamjit Pannu, Sawaranjit Pannu to Harinder Kaur, Surinder Singh, one lot, $159,000.

Amended Living Trust Agreement of Martha McDonald, James McDonald, successor co-trustee, Theresa Minton, successor co-trustee to Scott McDonald, one lot, $0.

Estate of James Kyle to David Grim, Katherine Johnsen, Jennifer Peters, Thomas Grim, $0.

Nina Grim, Thomas Grim to Katherine Johnsen, $48,800.

Jennifer Peters to Katherine Johnsen, one lot, $48,800.

Katherine Johnsen, Richard Johnsen to Richard Johnsen, Katherine Johnsen, $0.

Talismanic Properties to NVR Inc., one lot, $61,000.

Jodie Reed, Lance Reed to Brock Moon, Natalie Moon, one lot, $357,500.

Kimberly Koehler, Samuel Koehler to Samuel Koehler, one lot, $5,000.


John Philpot, Megan Philpot to David Jacquemin, a part lot, $129,000.


Amber Maloney to Austin Maloney, one lot, two part lots, $0.


Kathryn Bennington, attorney in fact, Ellen Hemmerich to Nancy Ockerman, Ronald Ockerman, a part lot, $105,000.


Charles and Mary Barton Trust, Charles Barton Jr., successor trustee to Mary Barton, 3.0 acres, $0.


Blake Cruikshank Sr., Tina Cruikshank to Blake Cruikshank Sr., Tina Cruikshank, 2.830 acres, $0.

Kerice Ritzi, Steven Ritzi to Kerice Ritzi, Steven Ritzi, one lot, $0.

John Patterson, Linda Patterson to Benjamin Metz, Danielle Metz, one lot, $249,900.


Deborah Reuter, Lawrence Reuter to Jeremy Rigsby, Tabitha Rigsby, a part lot, $320,000.


James Dillon, Sandra Dillon, Sandra Hale to James Dillon, Sandra Dillon, $0.

Kapkids LLC to AM Greer, 15.0 acres, $164,900.

Pamela Phelps to Douglas Thompson, Wendy Thompson, 6.085 acres, $325,000.


Kristine Byrd, Timothy Byrd to Jennifer Knostman, Joseph Knostman, $215,000.

Jean Schultz to David Fisher, Karen Fisher, 20.035 acres, $220,000.


Billie Bradley, Deanna Bradley, power of attorney to Dennis Bradley, $0.


Estate of Marvin Soliday Jr. to 8975 State Route 571 LLC, 0.8996 acres, $40,000.

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