Miami County Real Estate Transactions



Harlow Builders to Evan Poeppelman, Taylor Poeppelman, one lot, one part lot, $240,000.

Matthew Bobillo, Rabecca Warling to Levi Fraley, one lot, $263,000.

Alvaro Castano to Justin Braun, one lot, $210,500.

Jennifer Creech, Nicholas Creech to Timothy Akins, $292,400.

Stephen Hoover, Tamela Hoover to Stephen Hoover, Tamela Hoover, $0.

Evan Poeppelman, Taylor Poeppelman to Victor Widner, one lot, $120,000.

S.M. O’Neal Construction to Jacob Barchenger, Kristen Barchenger, one lot, $275,900.

NVR Inc. to Eric Cruse, one lot, $295,000.

Sarah Sano to Diana Middleton, Isaac Sell, one lot, $153,900.

Terri Newnam, Wayne Newnam to Judy Cress, one lot, two part lots, $120,000.

Gail Merlo, Michael Merlo to Matthew Bobillo, Rabecca Warling, $265,000.

Lucas Nimer, Sharon Nimer, Tyler Nimer to Wenrick Family Limited Partnership, one lot, $140,000.

Harbor West Land Company to S.M. O’Neal Construction, one lot, $49,900.

Miami County Sheriff Dave Duchak, Douglas Supinger to Timothy Calicoat Jr., one lot, one part lot, $102,000.

NVR Inc. to Karla Buerger, Paul Buerger, one lot, $373,100.


Jonathan Johnston to Gregory Miller, Lori Miller, one lot, $169,500.

Sandra Reagan to Rebecca Howell, Steven Howell, one lot, $121,000.

Michael Sloan, trustee, Sloan Family Trust to Sandra Reagan, one lot, $63,500.

Donald Whitaker, trustee, Whitaker Family Trust to Garbry Road Estates, Ltd., six lots, $160,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Radian Settlement Services Inc., attorney in fact to Brian Leduc, one lot, $0.

Amanda Davis to Jacob Young, a part lot, $79,900.

Frances Williamson, Gerard Williamson, attorney in fact to Linda Sexauer, one lot, $130,000.

Tom Lin to Wen Chen Hsiang, Yanning Hsiang, one lot, $0.

Peggy Gallagher to Craig Gallagher, Peggy Gallagher, one lot, $0.

Robert Garbig to Abundant Life Baptist Church of Piqua, one lot, $12,000.

Helen Cuff, Jeff Keels, Sarah Keels, attorney in fact to Craig Clemons, one lot, $76,000.


Brenda Seagraves, successor trustee, Helen Seagraves Third Amended and Restated Trust to Kelley Purkey, one lot, $0.

Brenda Seagraves, successor trustee, Helen Seagraves Third Amended and Restated Trust to Kenneth Seagraves, $0.

Randal Oyster to Amy Beeson, Richard Beeson, one lot, $444,900.

Connie Currin Living Trust, Kimberly Mishler, attorney in fact to Connie Currin Irrevocable Trust, $0.

Derek Calkins, Wendy Calkins, Wendy Miesse to 937 Investments LLC, a part lot, $56,500.

Wilma Fischer to Daniel Danielson, trustee, one lot, $0.

Lisa Sylvester, Thomas Sylvester to Mason Teel, one lot, $232,500.

Krista Phillips, Tracy Phillips to Andrew Tudor, one lot, $162,000.


D.R. Horton-Indiana to Brian Cruz, Iris Cruz, two lots, $344,700.

D.R. Horton-Indiana to Hannah Campbell, Robel Campbell, two lots, $299,000.

Inverness Group Inc. to Kamilzhon Safarov, Livoza Safarova, two lots, $353,100.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $47,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $52,600.

Inverness Group Inc. to Alim Lutfiyev, Shavkat Lutfiyev, two lots, $415,300.

Michael Bird, Rhonda Bird to Kimberly Abney, Travis Abney, one lot, $187,900.

Clarence Fraizer, Kyrstal Frazier to Lieselotte Crosson Revocable Living Trust, two lots, $141,800.


Bonnie Smith, Robert Smith to Robert Gerodimos, one lot, $126,000.

Frederick Schwable to Julie Blumenstock, a part lot, $103,000.


Barbara Myers, David Myers to Velma Stull, trustee, Stull Family Trust, one lot, $252,000.


Jan Wheelock, Steven Wheelock, power of attorney to Ray Maggert, one lot, $22,500.


Heather Komon, Leonard Komon to Sean Lucas, four part lots, one lot, $335,000.

Christine Booher, Stephen Booher to Christine Booher, Stephen Booher, $0.


Russell Hammer, Taylor Hammer to Russell Hammer, Taylor Hammer, 2.762 acres, $0.


Dalphine Roller, Robert Roller to Dalphine Roller, 1.304 acre, 0.32 acre, $0.

Eileen Watkins Trust, Janice Maxson, successor trustee, Joyce Peters, successor trustee to Irma Greenwood, Janice Maxson, Joyce Peters, 75.942 acres, $0.


Deborah Bell, Clint Dawes, Deborah Dawes, Belinda Robbins, Gerald Robbins, to Miami County Board of Commissioners, $0.

Deborah Hernanez, successor trustee, Verla Pautsch Agreement of Trust to Francis Bitemo, Melanie Bitemo, $339,990.

Hiroshi Matsumura, Misako Matsumura to Alena Akins, one lot, $385,000.

Debra Stumpff to Barbara Myers, David Myers, one lot, $210,000.


Timothy Stafford to Valley View 41, one lot, $15,000.


Estate of Robert Yount to Diana Yount, 5.0 acres, $0.


Trudy Adams, Trudy Cortez to Trudy Adams Revocable Living Trust, 5.001 acre, $0.

Harvey Bowman, Robyn Bowman to Heidi Morse, Jonathan Morse, 3.0 acres, $250,000.

Anita Stern, trustee, Charles Stern, Stern Living Trust to Dana Cosby, Ronald Cosby Jr., 1.174 acres, $295,000.


Jase Ltd. to Bradley Rench, 0.882 acre, $0.

Joshua Burns, Kristena Burns to Charles Hubler, trustee, $0.

Charles Hubler, trustee to Joshua Burns, Kristena Burns, $0.


Gabrielle Maniaci, Chad Reisinger, Gabrielle Reisinger to Kendra Toomey, Scott Toomey, one lot, $160,000.


Scott Investments of Troy to Kyle Pratt, Stacy Pratt, $202,000.


Lindsey Cox, Tyler Cox to Cassandra Bixler, Gavin Bixler, $0.

Sycamore Ltd. to Laura Becker, Mark Becker, 35.1699 acres, $0.

Cassandra Bixler, Gavin Bixler to Lindsey Cox, Tyler Cox, $0.

Philip Paulus, Terri Paulus to Philip Paulus, Terri Paulus, $0.

Brenda McKee, John Stewart to Chad Grillmeier, Jennifer Grillmeier, $89,900.

Linda Chiappone to Joey Sparks, Kristen Sparks, 0.048 acres, 2.690 acres, $237,000.


Linda Knecht, Scott Knecht to Milken Farms LLC, 1.949 acres, $15,600.

Elmer Ahrens, Jennifer Ahrens to Burl Lane Jr., 10.001 acres, $240,000.

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