Miami County real estate transactions



• Kershner Properties LLC to Jennifer M. Noll and Phillip Noll, one lot, $135,000.

• Janice L. Weadock to Rachel L. Howes, one lot, $141,000.

• John Patterson, Jr., John Patterson, Sr., Linda J. Patterson, to Bonita L. Carpenter, one lot, $160,000.

• Mark A. Kirk to Joseph J. Griffin, one lot, $145,000.

• Justin Daniel and Sara Daniel to Shanna Tibbs, one lot, $274,700.

• Estate of Garry L. Brown to Anita L. Brown, one lot, $0.

• Michael S. Foster and Roberta J. Foster to Joseph B. Slife, Jr., one lot, $125,000.

• Jolaine M. Routson to Gary Clark, one lot, $765,000.

• Sherry B. Conard, Carrie J. Trotter, Thomas J. Trotter, to JT & BW Revocable Living Trust, Johan S. Trotter, Trustee, Brody L. Woehl, Trustee, one lot, $135,000.

• Community Property Group Troy, LTD to Hannah Wenner, one lot, $155,000.

• Steven L. Sampson and Thelma J. Sweet to Thomas A. Sampson, one lot, $0.


• Kasandra L. Castle to Jedediah D. Castle, one lot, $0.

• Jill J. Hicks, Larry W. Hicks, Jill J. Schroerluke, FKA, to Halie Reeder, one lot, $89,000.

• Caroline C. Gerlach and John H. Gerlach to Caroline C. Gerlach and John H. Gerlach, two lots, $0.

• Tammie A. Lear, NKA, and Tammie A. Owen to Marc A. Goetze, one lot, $145,000.

• Evada A. Toon and Roger L. Toon to Jeffrey M. Ratliff and Vera L. Ratliff, one lot, $160,000.

• City Of Piqua, Miami County, Ohio, to Patricia K. Obara, Revocable Living Trust, Patricia K. Obara, Trustee, and Patricia K. Obara Revocable Living Trust, one lot, $0.

• Brian T. Gleason, Victoria L. Gleason, Helen Marie Monnier, Herbert V. Weigel, II, Jennifer W. Weigel, Beth A. Wilson, and Michael D. Wilson, to Susan L. Henschen, one lot, $185,000.

• Carolyn I. Lee and Sam E. Lee to Franklin Lodge #14 F&AM, two lots, $105,000.

Tipp City

• Ileana Del Campo-Gray, Ileana Del Campo-Gray, Joseph A. Downing, and Ileana Del Campo Gray, to Frank W. Ares and Linda R. Ares, one lot, $109,900.

• Talismanic Properties, LLC to NVR, Inc., one lot, $61,000.

• Lauren E. Mullins and Nicholas E. Mullins to Andrew T. Swann and Jennifer M. Swann, one lot, $348,400.

• James M. Sherry to David Harris Jackson Roth, one lot, $315,000.

• Walter E. Caton, Revocable Living Trust, William J. McGraw, III, Success Trustee, and Walter E. Caton Revocable Living Trust to Teresa Hailey, two lots, $0.

Huber Heights

• Corridor Development Company, LLC to NVR, Inc., one lot, $54,000.

West Milton

• Stillwater Crossings, LLC to NVR, Inc., one lot, $34,400.


• Anthony J. Yannielli to Michael A. Wolthuizen, one lot, $220,000.

Staunton Township

• Mark E. Petkus to Amy Gladding, 1.3508 acres, $133,900.

• Nathaniel E. Kuntz to Bruce Osborne and Debra Osborne, 4.995 acres, $200,000.

Springcreek Township

• Eric Larsen and Isidra Larsen to Chelsea Hastings and Chyler Hamilton Hastings, one lot, $180,000.

Bethel Township

• David A. and Marsha M. Caudell, Joint Revocable Living Trust; David A. Caudell, Trustee; Marsha M. Caudell, Trustee; David A. Caudell And Marsha M. Caudell Joint Revocable Living Trust to David A. Caudell and Marsha M. Caudell, one lot, $0.

Concord Township

• Estate of Jo Ann Goodin to Mark A. Goodin, 0.70 acres, $0.

• Steven L. Robbins to Hatler Bryant, 0.564 acres, $57,000.

Newton Township

• Daniel Light and Jennifer Light to Daniel Light and Jennifer Light, 2.788 acres, $0.

• Daniel Light and Jennifer Light to Daniel Light and Jennifer Light, 12.288 acres, $0.

Washington Township

• Carol L. Fortman and Daniel J. Fortman to Carol L. Fortman, Trustee, Daniel J. Fortman, Trustee, and Fortman Family Trust, one lot, $0.

Monroe Township

• John P. Cook to Carrie Wendel and Matthew Wendel, 10.8782 acres, $630,000.

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