Miami County restaurant inspections


Information provided by Miami County Public Health.

Nov. 29

• Purebred Coffee Co., 110 E. Main St., Troy: Standard Inspection.

Single-service and single-use articles not protected from contamination. Observed single-service cups stored unwrapped on a wire shelf above the mops sink.

Comments: Facility observed clean at the time of inspection. PIC answered questions correctly at the time of inspection.

• West Central Juvenile Center, 2044 Co. Rd. 25A, Troy: Standard Inspection.

Comments: Cleaning/repair of the following items to be completed by facility maintenance:

-Observed air intake above dishwasher dusty and in need of cleaning.

-Floor drain under right side of dishwasher observed with build up and should be cleaned.

-Wall plate underneath dishwasher area should be properly affixed to the wall and not loose.

-Trench drain in front of oven observed to have build up and in need of cleaning.

Facility was observed maintained clean throughout at time of inspection.

No violations noted at this time.

Nov. 30

• Chaffee’s Brewhouse, 15 S. Second St., Tipp City: Standard Inspection.

Comments: Cold holding was below 41F at the time of inspection. No food prep was observed during the inspection.

• The Rolling Oasis Hop Off, 251 Union St., Troy: Standard/Critical Control Point Inspection.

Corrected During Inspection: Employee eating, drinking, or using tobacco in non-designated area. Employee beverage was observed on prep station and next to clean equipment such as food storage containers and lids. Upon informing the PIC, the beverage was moved to a designated area.

Inadequate number of handwashing sinks. Hand sink in warewashing area not properly supplying water to facilitate handwashing. Repair hand sink.

Corrected During Inspection; Critical; Repeat: Food not properly protected from contamination by separation, packaging, and segregation. In the stand up reach-in cooler, observed raw beef stored above ready-to-eat (RTE) food items and eggs stored on the top shelf. Upon informing the PIC, the raw beef and eggs were segregated and stored below RTE foods on the bottom shelf of the reach-in cooler.

Corrected During Inspection; Critical: Quaternary ammonium sanitizing solution at incorrect temperature, concentration, and/or water hardness. The 3-compartment sink set up was observed dispensing sanitizer at 0 ppm. Until the 3 sink set up has been re-calibrated, manually make sanitizer for the third compartment to properly sanitize food contact surfaces of equipment and utensils.

Corrected During Inspection; Critical: Ready-to-eat, TCS food not properly discarded when required. The following items and their location and date were observed past their 7-day shelf life: 1. House jalapeno ranch dressing (prep cooler – 7/17) 2. Chili (prep cooler – 7/28) 3. Gyro salad (prep cooler – 7/9) 4. Black beans (prep cooler – 7/10) 5. Feta cheese (prep cooler – 7/2) 6. Jug of house-made tzatziki sauce (reach-in cooler – 7/21) 7. Jug of house-made jalapeno ranch (reach-in cooler – 7/17) Upon informing the PIC, all out of date items were voluntarily pulled and discarded at the time of inspection.

Corrected During Inspection; Critical: Refrigerated, ready-to-eat, TCS foods not properly date marked. In the prep top cooler unit, house-made tarter sauce was observed without a date mark. PIC was unsure when the tarter sauce was made. Based on this, the tarter sauce was voluntarily discarded at the time of inspection.

Corrected During Inspection: Food and food equipment not protected from environmental sources of contamination during preparation/holding. Underneath a water leak, clean equipment and food utensils were observed being stored. In the reach-in prep cooler, packaged food items were observed being stored below a condensation leak. Upon informing the PIC, both food and food equipment were removed from these areas. The PIC decided was items to either keep or discard at the time of inspection.

Repeat: Re-use of single-service or single-use articles. Observed the re-use of single-use sour cream containers for in-house made sauces. Cease use of single-use articles to store food items.

Equipment components are not intact, tight or properly adjusted. The stand up reach-in cooler was observed with a condensation drip leaking into a catch bucket. Repair so continuous leak is removed and food items are protected against the potential for contamination.

Corrected During Inspection: Cutting blocks or boards cannot be effectively cleaned and sanitized. Movable cutting block used for food prep was observed scratched, scored and discolored. Upon informing the PIC, the cutting block was voluntarily discarded.

Plumbing system not properly maintained or repaired. Hand sink in disrepair. Repair hand sink to supply adequate water and capacity/pressure to facilitate and promote hand washing.

Facility not maintained clean. In the front service area, standing water was observed behind the Taylor ice cream machine and on the floor around the functional hand sink. Under the prep line, the floors were observed with black food and residue type build-up. Clean more frequently to prevent these sort of accumulations.

Ventilation system not maintained. The hood filters were observed with dust and grease deposits build-up. Remove filters and clean.

Comments: At the time of inspection, the air conditioning unit (wall-mounted) was observed with a continuous leak. Initially the leak was dripping into a catch bucket on a food cart containing clean food equipment and utensils underneath. The clean equipment and utensils were moved upon inspection. Once the food cart was moved, another catch pan was observed on the ground, which was below an electrical outlet. The outlet was being exposed to residual water from the above leak.

Based on the observations, both Building and Fire were immediately contacted and made aware of the issue.

• Tropical Smoothie Cafe, 2309 W. Main St., Troy: Standard Inspection.

Comments: Facility observed clean and orderly at time of inspection.

No violations at time of inspection.

• American Legion #586, 377 N. Third St., Tipp City: Follow-Up Inspection

Repeat: Facility does not have an employee with manager certification in food protection.

Repeat: No sanitizer test kit available. No sanitizer test strips on site at the time of inspection.

Repeat: Plumbing system not properly maintained or repaired. Bar three compartment sink observed leaking at the time of inspection, towels underneath the bar sink observed saturated.

Repeat: Facility not maintained clean. Floors and walls observed in need of a deep cleaning at the time of inspection. Floors under the fryer observed with food debris and grease build up.

Repeat: Physical facilities not maintained in good repair. Back bar not maintained in good repair. Floors/walls not smooth and easily cleanable.

The following violation(s) have been corrected since the last inspection:

Cleanliness of equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils: Equipment food-contact surfaces or utensils are unclean. Both bar ice machines observed with a mold-like build up. Ice machines must be taken apart, cleaned, and sanitized routinely to eliminate accumulations.

Comments: Inspection conducted to check the critical violation of the unclean ice machines. Observed ice machines cleaned and sanitized at the time of follow up,.

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