Miami County real estate transactions



• 75 Development LLC to CISD Prairie LLC, two lots, $4,730,000.

• Jacob A. Minesinger and Jessica A. Minesinger to Amanda Tompkins, one lot, $198,000.

• Katrina R. Brun, Matthew Brun, and Katrina R. Carlson, FKA, to Joseph James Jackson, one lot, $151,000.

• Ricky D. Chaney, Tammy L. Ensley, AKA, and Tammy L. Hensley to Cynthia J. Mayo and Scott P. Meyer, one lot, $225,000.

• L&K Rentals LLC, AKA, LK Clark Rentals LLC to James E. Forman and Jerry B. Forman, one lot, $190,000.

• 3 Gen D LLC to Barbara A. Crawford, Trustee, Lynn D. Crawford, Trustee, and the Lynn and Barbara Crawford Family Trust, one lot, $79,900.

• Mark A. Dechellis to Mark A. Dechellis and Wendy R. Dechellis, one lot, $0.

• NVR, Inc. to Jamie A. Lawson and Stephanie J. Lawson, one lot, $388, 500.

• Kevin P. Johnson to Sharon Augusta Johnson, one lot, $0.

• Rodney S. Westfall to Nathan Andrew Walter, one lot, $211,000.


• Wayne Street Rentals, LLC to Heather Chronopoulos and John Chronopoulos, one lot, $0.

• Estate of Janet Lynn Flaugher to Randy Lee Flaugher, one lot, $0.

• Briana King and Brooks King to Hannah Miller, one lot, $125,000.

• Todd R. Allen to 21st Century Rentals, LLC, one lot, $289,900.

• Brandi L. Palmer to Edward W. Palmer, one lot, $0.

• Julie A. Bryant and Wendell D. Bryant to Kristi Schulze and Ryan Schulze, one lot, $0.

• 1947-1 LLC to Kristi Schulze and Ryan Schulze, one lot, $0.

• Kristi Schulze and Ryan Schulze to Ablson C. Bryant, Jr., one lot, $109,000.

Tipp City

• Julie A. Bennett and Kirk A. Bennett to Joshua C. Burton and Kristin N. Burton, one lot, $400,000.

• Rosewood Creek, LLC to Robinson Benanzer Development II, LLC, three lots, $215,000.

West Milton

• Estate of Diana J. Fulton to William R. Fulton, one lot, $0.

• Kevin L. Berry and Gisele Costa to Jacy Josephine Kristine Ricketts and Paul Allen Ricketts, one lot, $124,900.

Huber Heights

• D.R. Horton-Indiana, LLC to Emma Jeannine Bryson and Whittney Leigh Bryson, one lot, $317,600.

• Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC and Dec Land Co. I LLC to Fisher Single Family Homes IV, LLC, one lot, $63,700.

• Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC and Dec Land Co. I LLC to Fisher Single Family Homes IV, LLC, one lot, $64,000.

• Corridor Development Company LLC to NVR, Inc., one lot, $54,000.

Concord Township

• Estate of Larry C. Long to Linda L. Long, 80 acres, $0.

• Estate of Wallace O. Skidmore to Andrew Jay Skidmore and Kelly Jo Skidmore, one lot, $0.

• Matthew Huffgarden to Charles E. McAdams and Sandra K. McAdams, 0.67 acres, $122,000.

Washington Township

• Karen L. Lange and Lawrence A. Lange to Colleen R. Franz, one lot, $58,500.

Monroe Township

• Aaron P. Bisceglia to Kimberly A. Puckett and Kirk D. Snider, one lot, $282,300.

• Estate of Teresa A. Darrah and Janice A. Brewer, Executor, to Brandon Paul Roberts and Caitlin Marie Tricketts, 0.947 acres, $185,000.

Newton Township

• Estate of Emerson W. Hillman, Jr., and Anne M. Frayne, administrator, to Nicole Combs and Steven J. Combs, 0.951 acres and 0.992 acres, $35,000.

• L. Jean S. Gilbert Irrevocable Trust and Elizabeth D. Gilbert, Trustee, to David E. Gilbert and Elizabeth D. Gilbert, 10.335 acres, $0.

• Amy King and Jim King to Angela L. Miller and Thomas O. Miller, 1.529 acres, $352,000.

Staunton Township

• Carrie Fisher and Dustin A. Swank to Lucas Potter, 0.499 acres, $215,000.

Brown Township

• Kent Laughman and Marlene Laughman to Jill N. Kristy, two lots, $100,000.

Lostcreek Township

• Harry A. Wray and Gertrude M. Wray Revocable Trust and Harry A. Wary, Trustee, to Linda Bowers and Robert Bowers, 10.208 acres, $60,000.

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