Miami County real estate transactions



• Bruce A. Vanover and Rhonda E. Vanover to B.A.R.E. Rentals, LLC, two lots, $0.


• Victoria J. Hand and Vincent Anthony Hand to Victoria J. Hand and Vincent Anthony Hand, one lot, $0.

• Anthony E. Kendall to RPS Ventures, INC, one lot, $137,000.

• Rachel Carter and Shane Carter to Kristian Holdings, LLC, one lot, $0.

• Glenn R. Monnin and Ladonna Monnin to Glenn R. Monnin and Ladonna Monnin Principal Protection Trust, and Jacqueline Swabb, Trustee, two lots, $0.

Huber Heights

• Carriage Trails at the Heights, LLC and DEC Land CO., ILLC to NVR, INC, two lots, $66,000.

• Carriage Trails at the Heights, LLC and DEC Land CO., ILLC to NVR, INC, two lots, $68,000.

• Carriage Trails at the Heights, LLC and DEC Land CO., ILLC to NVR, INC, two lots, 68,000.

• NVR, INC to Emily Shemwell and Marcus Shemwell, two lots, $482,700.


• Estate of James L. Durand, David T. Duchak, and Marilyn S. Durand, A.K.A.; Marilyn Sue Durand to Kristi Schulze and Ryan Schulze, one lot, $46,000.

• David T. Duchak, Sheriff of Miami County, Florence E. Mowery, and Scott Mowery to Piqua Property Group 2 LLC, one lot, $94,500.

• Mark W. Gambill and Shannon M. Gambill to Lori Jill Brown, one lot, $124,900.

• Bruce A. Vanover and Rhonda E. Vanover to B.A.R.E. Rentals, LLC, one lot, $0.

• Patricia S. Johnson and Ronald L. Johnson to ADM Real Estate Holdings, LLC, one lot, $150,000.

• Judith A. Bowerman and Richard D. Bowerman to Paul Orahood, one lot, $176,900.

• Liette Realty V, LLC to DNL2, LLC, one lot, $100,000.

• Constance Joan Atkinson, Executor and Estate of Dale A. Birman to Mauricio Garcia, one lot, $143,000.

• Estate of Gary Lee Gray and Rosemary Rosinski, Administrator to Elizabeth I. Arnett, David A. Campbell, and Kristy Campbell, one lot, $130,000.

• Marcia L. Taylor, Revocable Trust of 2008 and Marcia L. Rosi, Trustee to Candance A. Brown and W G Brown, one lot, $157,300.

• Estate of Carolyn A. Cavender and Constance E. Walker to Barry L. Vannoy, one lot, $120,000.

• Richard Ault to Kyle Beaty, two lots, $144,000.

• David R. Crumpler to Smith & Earley, LLC, one lot, $58,900.

• Jamie A. Perin to Elizabeth Jenkins and Jamie A. Perin, one lot, $0.

• Julia D. Bates to Landon Brockman and Sarah Brockman, one lot, $195,000.

• Nicholas K. North, Tanya M. North, F.K.A.; Tanya M. Stewart to Erik K. Granger and Lily Stewart, one lot, $148,000.

• Paleje East Holdings, LLC to Trium Properties, LLC, five lots, $511,300.

• Constantia Holdings, LLC and Paleje South Holdings, LLC to Trium Properties, LLC, eight lots, $511,300.

• KSR Properties, LLC to Aaron J. McGhee and Penny E. McGhee, one lot, $192,000.

Tipp City

• Emma S. McKenzie and Jordan L. McKenzie to Michael K. Jacoby, one lot, $272,500.

• Misty Looker and Roger E. Looker to Abigail Michelle Goldsberry and Robert Scott Goldsberry, one lot, $617,500.

• Dana S. Abdullah and Khalid R. Abdullah to Cassandra L. Black and Nicolas R. Black, one lot, $276,000.

• NVR, INC to Jamie Salisbury and Robert Salisbury, one lot, $433,800.

• Denlinger & Sons Builders, LTD to Landa McGinnis and Noel McGinnis, one lot, $476,000.

• Marieke Van Haaren to Brandyn Kyle Dunn, one lot, $143,000.


• Opal E. Richardson, A.K.A.; Opal Evelyn Richardson and Stephen E. Richardson, Attorney in Fact to Brandy M. Pierce and Joshua T. Pierce, one lot, $125,000.

• Cathy J. Cox, Trustee, and Cox Family Trust to Elizabeth Ann Haddad and Victor Haddad, one lot, $300,000.

• Kevin M. Lear, Trustee, Nancy J. Lear, Trustee, and Lear Family Revocable Living Trust to Theresa M. Buccellato, one lot, $230,000.

• Matthew A. Beam, Executor and Estate of Terry R. Beam to Bryan Cantrell, one lot, $136,000.

• Janell Tebbe and Kenneth Tebbe to Diana R. Hammers, two lots, $165,000.

• Troy Land Development, INC to NVR, INC, one lot, $70,900.

• Gregg Family Investment, LTD to Thomas H. Berning, one lot, $354,800.

• Carla W. Sola, Attorney-In-Fact, and Stephany O. Widener, A.K.A.; Stephany Otey Widener to Austin R. Brewer and Michelle K. Brewer, two lots, $223,000.

• Judy M. Perry to Joseph A. Bowie Jr. and Shelly A. Bowie, one lot, $146,000.

• Hollister Carter, Lance L. Carter, Rachel Carter, and Shane K. Carter to Kristian Holdings, LLC, one lot, $19,000.

• Estate of Ken M. Sullenberger and Merenda Butcher, Executor to Kenneth R. Kelsey, two lots, $45,000.

• CJ & EI, LLC to Jacob C. Paul, one lot, $0.

• Paula Shiltz to Daniel D. Chaney, one lot, $98,900.

• Your Space, LLC to Josephine A. Stemen, one lot, $177,000.

• Arliss S. Perry and Christine Perry to Caleb I. Pierce and Tara L. Pierce, one lot, $537,000.

• Periphery Ventrues, LLC to Busted Brick Realty Group, LLC, one lot, $550,000.

• Thomas K. Marsh to WRCI, LLC, one lot, $160,000.

• Kevin Johnson and Sheri Johnson to Angela M. Chronister, two lots, $232,700.

• Harlow Builders, INC to Lisa A. Stark and Dale M. Walters, one lot, $354,800.

• Dawn M. Flory to Kelly Hesson and Randolph S. Hesson, one lot, $240,000.

West Milton

• Billy R. Netzley, trust second amended and restated, Lova R. Monaghan, successor trustee, and William R. Netzley, Successor Trustee to Kassondra K. Bateman, one lot, $72,500.

• Charles A. Metz and Kasey M. Metz, F.K.A.; Kasey M. Vagedes to Anthony Bianco and Carla Bianco, one lot, $210,000.

• Gregory A. Strickland and Michelle A. Strickland to Jacob Lyons, one lot, $155,000.

• Marilyn S. Lightner to Alayna Hope Bennet and Zachary Vegedes, one lot, $0.

Bethel Township

• Estate of Lori A. Cason to David S. Cason, 1.44 acres, $0.

• James F. Hamilton Jr. and Mary M. Hamilton to Jimmy R. Fulton, 0.607 acres and 1.5 acres, $140,000.

Concord Township

• Kay A. Jackson and Vaughn Alan Jackson to Kay A. Jackson and Vaughn Alan Jackson, 60.173 acres, $0.

• Horizon West Troy, LLC to Julie M. Weaver and William B. Weaver, one lot, $79,900.

• Nola Michelle Lutz, Terr W. Parks, and Shari L. Rowe to Ben Crumbrine and Brandi Crumbine, two lots, $270,000.

• Estate of Ronald J. Webb to Sonja Besecker and Peggy Shinkle, two lots, $0.

• Karen Ruth Russell and R. Hunter Russell to Michael A. Beverly, one lot, $312,500.

Monroe Township

• Kenneth W. Myers, Trust, Kenneth W. Myers, Trustee to Diahann Blair and Jaydee Blair, 15.528 acres, $125,000.

• Landa J. McGinnis and Noel T. McGinnis to Breanna Lawson and Daniel Lawson, one lot, $420,000.

• Jenna Lavy and Nicholas J. Lavy to Carter Daniel McFall and Christina Leigh Ross, 0.49 acres, $215,000.

Newton Township

• Karen Anderson, Gene Aspery, Sharon Aspery, Gina Smith, Jennifer Smith, and Zachary T. Smith to Olma D. George and Rhonda L. George, 0.83 acres, $0.

• Michael Jordan, Patty Wilson Jordan, Cindy Wilson, David Insco Wilson, Michael Stephenson Wilson, and Patty Wilson Jordan to Michael Jordan and Patty Wilson Jordan, 45.753 acres, $458,200.

Union Township

• Elizabeth J. Haggart to Gregory A. Strickland and Michelle A. Strickland, 5.529 acres, $344,900.

Washington Township

• Donald L. Gladman and Melissa J. Gladman to James W. Meyers and Ruth A. Meyers, 0.61 acres, $100,000.

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